Should I Breed My Bitch?

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How Do You Earn the Title "Breeder"? 10 April 2016
by Sharon Simpson

How Do You Earn the Title "Breeder"?

I am a Breeder 10 April 2016
by Lori Hallfrisch

Here is a little description of the toils and tribulations of responsible breeders...

Is Your Kerry Breeding Quality? 10 April 2016
by Ester Findling

Is Your Kerry Breeding Quality?

Seven Foundations of a Successful Dog Breeder 10 April 2016
by Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes

Listed in this article are some axioms that I have created as a learning tool. These axioms are reflections of the temptations we face on a daily basis as dog breeders.

Testing BEFORE Breeding 10 April 2016
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

Take this exam and see if your bitch makes the grade.

What is a Breeder? 10 April 2016

What is a Breeder?

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