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The Whole Dog Journal (tm) (WDJ) and the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation (sm) (KBTF) have teamed up to provide the Kerry community with a special service. Periodically the Foundation will publish articles that appeared in The Whole Dog Journal. These articles are available on the The Whole Dog Journal web site for a fee of $7 to $10 each. However, they will appear on the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation web site free of charge. Only a small portion of the many excellent articles appear here. We encourage you to brows the WDJ web site, and read the excepts of the many articles on training and health.

The articles made available at the Foundation web site will be selected for their applicability to the Kerry Blue Terrier.

In addition to reprinting articles on this web site, we include links to other WDJ artilces, reprinted elsewhere on the web.

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WDJ's mission is to provide [dog owners] with in-depth information on effective holistic healthcare methods and successful nonviolent training. The methods we discuss will endeavor to do no harm to dogs; we do not advocate perpetrating even minor transgressions in the name of "greater good." We intend our articles to enable readers to immediately apply training and healthcare techniques to their own dogs with visible and enjoyable success. All topics should contribute to improving the dog's health and vitality, and deepening the canine/human bond. Above all, we wish to contribute information that will enable consumers to make kind, healthy, and informed decisisions about caring for their own dogs.


While the WDJ does not endorse the KBTF and the KBTF does not endorse the WDJ, we believe the WDJ has published many articles of deep importance to Kerry owners.

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Today is August 25, 2019

In this month in 2004:

Keriland's Talk About Town (Gabby) and her owner/handler, Janet Beeby, became the first ever Kerry Blue Terrier team to earn the AKC Master Agility Champion title, MACH. Gabby was bred by Penny Hanson of Strathmore, Alberta.