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Brannagh 9 yr old Female Petite in foster to adopt (Adoption Pending)

Brannagh is a Female spayed Kerry Blue Terrier and is 9 years old

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Max 11 years old, but don't tell him that, he thinks he's still a young dog

Max is 11.5 years old male.

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IVAN, a senior Kerry in Omaha looking for a foster or forever home

Ivan is a 12 YO male, a lovely senior Kerry, who loves to be petted and have his ears rubbed!
He should be placed in a home with no children and no other dogs, although it is possible that another senior dog might be okay.

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Sasha in GA

7 YO Female - Best in a home with only one person as she is very “protective” of her owner

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Colby In GA

9 YO Male - High Prey Drive - High Anxiety

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Sam in Savannah (Adoption Pending)

18 mo old sweet Kerry Boy

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Brady in Savannah

10 YO Male - will need long term support

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Today is February 17, 2018

In this month in 1979:

A four-year old Kerry Blue Terrier imported from America won the Supreme Championship at Crufts. Ch. Callaghan of Leander was the first Kerry to ever win this title at Crufts, beating over 8,000 other top dogs at the world's most prestigious dog show.