Report a Needy Kerry

Your Own Kerry

We realize, sometimes you need to give up your own Kerry. Contact the breeder of your Kerry first. If that is not possible, contact one of our regional Rescue Coordinators, any of the Kerry Clubs, or the Foundation at 1-800-532-2890. Our rescue counselors are always ready to help.

Newspaper Ad

If you see a Kerry advertised in the newspaper, contact our Newspaper Scout coordinator:

Tom Sawyer in Texas

Pet Store

If you see a Kerry in a pet store, contact our Pet Store Scout coordinator:

Mimi Wight in New Hampshire

Shelters, Vets or Individuals

Contact one of our regional Rescue Coordinators or any of the Kerry Clubs.

Lost Kerry

Step by step instruction on how to find your lost Kerry


Note: All these people are volunteers. If you do not receive an immediate response, please try again. These people are interested in helping the Kerries in need.


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