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Our family is celebrating 13 1/2 years of the gift of Dermot- aka 'Dogtown Dermot' (named for local woods in which he accompanied us mountain biking during his youth) and 'Downtown Dermot' for his love of urban walks in later years. He traveled in style all over the east coast and especially loved staying in the hip, pet-friendly Kimpton hotels in Cambridge, NYC, and DC.

Some life lessons learned from the D-Man:

  • Never pass up a cookie- throw your head back and eat it with abandon.
  • Cherish the ladies. (he LOVED women)
  • Greet everyone of any species with an open eagerness and let them know you're a good guy right off the bat.
  • Look dapper and walk with a bounce in your step.
  • Stay calm and avoid trouble whenever possible.
  • Manage the household schedule and activities- trail your people and give a gentle nudge and woof if necessary.
  • Ride shotgun in the front seat and enjoy every ride.
  • Smile big when your family is together and give a contented sigh.

Run free our beautiful boy!

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Today is October 23, 2019

On this day in 1987:

The Southern California Kerry breeder, Ray Perry, was murdered on his way back from a dog show.

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