Grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier

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"Can they See?" 18 March 2016
by Edward Cardona

We have all wondered why Kerries have so much hair over their eyes. Why not cut it off and allow them to see better.

A Shaved Kerry Blue 18 March 2016
by John Van den Bergh

A Shaved Kerry Blue

Brushing a Kerry Blue Terrier 09 March 2016
by Michelle Mace

At-home maintenance every owner can do for their Kerries to help keep grooming costs down

Grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier 21 August 2016
by Barbara Thompson and Fred Morgan

Barbara Thompson and Fred Morgan show you how to groom a Kerry Blue Terrier. This video shows in detail the intricate nuances of grooming a Kerry Blue.

Grooming Equipment Maintenance 18 March 2016
by Judith Bruno

Grooming Equipment Maintenance

Grooming in the Golden Years 21 August 2016
by Eve Adamson

For the senior dog, grooming is more than just a beauty routine-it's an essential part of keeping her healthy.

Grooming The Kerry Blue 10 March 2016
by Barbara Thompson

Simple Pet Grooming For The Kerry Blue

Kerry Blue Grooming Equipment 10 March 2016
by Janet Joers

Kerry Blue Grooming Equipment

Lost in the Myths of Bath Time 10 March 2016
by Eve Adamson

Everybody knows that cleanliness is next to dogginess: The way you bathe your dog really can impact the health of his skin, coat, and maybe even his insides.

Modified Falls 10 March 2016

Modified Falls

Preventing and Treating Post-Clippering Skin Irritation 10 March 2016
by Mimi Wight

Preventing and Treating Post-Clippering Skin Irritation

Removing Paw Hair 10 March 2016
by Randy A. Hayes

Kerry Blue Terriers and Paw Hair

Sharpen Your Scissors 10 March 2016
by Paul Gygi

Sharpen Your Scissors

The Consequences of Not Brushing 10 March 2016
by Peter Rose

The Consequences of Not Brushing

The Kerry from a Professional Groomer's Perspective 10 March 2016
by Linda Bortles

As a professional groomer I'd like to offer a little bit of enlightenment to those out there frustrated in trying to find a groomer for your kerryblue terrier.

The Kindest Cut 10 March 2016
by Jennifer Nelson

A few steps can ensure that your dog's professional grooming will be a beautiful experience.

The Show Trim 10 March 2016
by Fern Rogers

How To Trim Your Kerry Blue

Your Groomer Isn't Licensed--Should You Care? 10 March 2016
by Eve Adamson

Most groomers never injure a pet. They run good businesses, they work hard, and they take responsibility for their actions.

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