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Dougal - Our Yankee Dougal Dandy!


Our Kerry Blue, Dougal, turned 15 on 4/7/15 and is still doing well. His vet says he is in amazing shape for his age. I walk him for a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening every day. He weighs 37 pounds and that is due to a high quality dog food, Hills Science , and no junk food. He also loves Trader Joe's Salmon, Albacore tuna, and white chicken ( all in the can). We will give him one half can over his dry food daily.
Dougal's sire was Mick who won the Westminister in 2002. His mom was Ruby and she won several awards in the Bay Area too. We bought from a reputable breeder, Carol Ann, in Sonoma, California.
Dougal had no medical issues until the age of11 when he developed irritable bowel and was placed on medication and Hill's formula for sensitive stomach. That has worked quite well for him. He also developed "dry eye" and has to have ointment in his eyes daily. At the age of 13 he developed a cancerous tumor in his back toe and it was removed. It never slowed him down at all, and he recovered quickly and resumed his walks in a few weeks.
At this time he has many lumps and cysts all over. A lot are on his back but some are on his face, one is even around his gums in front of his bottom teeth. He also has a tumor growing inside his right eardrum. This has caused him to become almost completely deaf in the last year. None of these issues have stopped him from the ongoing joy of his life. He still loves his walks, but has slowed down quite a bit. He loves all children everywhere ! Every night around 8 p.m. he goes outside and returns through his dog door going full speed ahead with his ears flopping and tail wagging. He will race madly around the house for several minutes before laying down on his pillow.
Dougal can't jump up onto our bed anymore, and sometimes his front feet give out for a minute while he is walking . There are days when the stairs are challenging but he always manages . Other days he has the energy of a puppy.
At all times he brings us the greatest joy and we are grateful for every day that he is present in our lives.

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