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Today, March 22, 2013, we are thrilled to be celebrating the 15th birthday of our beautiful Kerry, Phoebe. Eleven months ago, we thought we were going to lose her. She could not stand up and would not eat. We had to carry her into the veterinary clinic and assumed that we were getting very close to the end. She has many health issues, including leishmaniasis, a nasty disease she got in France. If left untreated, it is fatal. She is taking numerous pills and other things to keep her going. But the main reason she is still with us is that on that fateful day last April we put her on fluids and that, along with that famous Kerry spirit, is what has kept her going. She gets sub-q fluids every other day, and that gives her system, especially her kidneys, a big boost. This is something we do at home for her, and she knows the drill. I'm convinced that she knows we are helping her. Her doctor though the fluid treatments might give her an "extra week or two" but she fooled all of us.

Phoebe has outlived Finian, her fiery companion by three years. She was the perfect complement to him, being a more mellow Kerry. They were a great pair. We got him first, and when I brought Phoebe home as a two year old, I remember him looking out the window and seeing her for the first time. He ran out and greeted her with great enthusiasm, tail wagging and ears flying. I don't think he could believe his good luck at getting such a lovely companion who didn't care that he was the boss and never once interfered with his decisions, which was very wise of her. Thanks to Diane Lee for breeding such a beautiful dog, inside and out, and for trusting us to give her a good home.

Phoebe spends most of her time snoozing now, which is fine. But, when she is up and about, the tail is wagging, the ears are up, her appetite is good, and she is fully engaged. Every time I think she is losing ground, she does something amazing. She no longer plays with toys, so today she and her companion Mimi, the Standard Poodle, will be driven to the Three Dog Bakery where we will load up on treats to celebrate this very special day.

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