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Does It Matter Where Your Kerry Was Bred? 29 July 2017
by Linda deLeon

How Do You Choose a Breeder? 10 April 2016
by Janet Joers

How Do You Choose a Breeder?

How to Find a Responsible Breeder 10 April 2016
by Lisa Frankland, 2001 Update

Learn about your breed before you look to buy one. There is no such thing as the "perfect breed for everyone," as there are as many different lifestyles and personal preferences as there are breeds of dog.

Litter Policy for Breeders 11 April 2016

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that only the most reputable of breeders list puppies on the Foundation web site.

Never Advertise your Litter on the Internet 11 April 2016
by Tracey Fulmer, Director KBT Foundation

The Foundation and many breed clubs screen the breeders listing their litters on their proprietary web sites. However, there are several internet advertising sites (or marketplaces) for puppies, including the AKC site, where puppy mills hock their wares. Hobby breeders need to be aware that by advertising their well-bred puppies on these other web sites, they are increasing the profits for puppy mills by legitimizing this form of advertising and driving up prices for mass produced Kerries.

Puppy Buyer Information Packet 11 April 2016
by Janet Joers

If you're a Kerry breeder, you want to do everything possible to ensure that each of your eager little puppies goes to the best possible home...

Puppy Instructions 11 April 2016

Integrating this little bundle of joy into your family will take patience and commitment (and a good sense of humor!). There is so much a puppy needs to learn and discover--and how successful he/she is at adapting to your lifestyle and a new environment will depend on you. Here are a few things that I hope will help you along the way.

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