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A Closer Look at Eye Care 24 July 2015
by Sheryl Krohne, DVM, MS, DACVO

Canine Eye Registration Foundation and Kerry Blue Terriers 24 July 2015
by Chris Brill-Packard

What is C.E.R.F and how is it important to a future puppy owner, and the breeders?

Eye Problems In Kerry Blue Terriers 24 July 2015
by Connie Spicer

What I will attempt to summarize and address are indications of potential eye problems, signs that point to an infection, how to control them, how to prevent or reduce them, and at what point you may need to get your vet involved.

Eye Problems in The Kerry Blue Terrier 24 July 2015
by Compiled from Daryl Enstone's posts on the KerryBlues-L newslist.

Because of the facial hair, eye infections in Kerries can be common. The facial hair does protect the eyes in some circumstances. However, the hair can be the cause of the problem if it is frequently getting into the eyes.

When a Dog Goes Blind 24 July 2015
by Barbara Wicklund

"We agonize over what we don't have, dogs appreciate what they do have."
That's the way one owner of a blind dog summed up his pet's remarkable ability to function without eyesight.

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