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The truth about the breed

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Kerry Did You Knows


Did you know

- that in the early 1960’s, Wofford College in South Carolina acquired Jocko, a beautiful registered Kerry Blue Terrier, as the mascot of their football team. Jocko hated crowds, noise, and football. During his tenure (needless to say it was a short one), he had to be carried into the stadium in a tranquilized condition.

Submitted by Judith Bruno

Did you know

-that the first dog ever registered by the Irish Kennel club was a Kerry Blue Terrier? It was in early 1922. The dogs was owned by Harry B. Fottrell of the "Tailteann" kennel. Mr. Fottrell later was the president of the Irish Kennel Club for 41 years.

Submitted by John Van den Bergh

Did you know

- that the Kerry first drew attention at the April 6, 1916 show in Killarney. "The Bazaar" was one of the first journals to give a written description of the breed in their issue of November 19, 1916. One could consider this the first published "standard" of the breed.

Submitted by Jennifer Mulholland, France

Did you know -

  • it is against the law in Columbus Georgia for Kerries (or any dog) to howl after 9 P.M?
  • Berea Kentucky law requires Kerries on the streets after dark to display a red taillight?
  • that Florida law does not allow Kerries to ride in a schoolbus?
  • a law in Zion Illinois prohibits owners from teaching their Kerry to smoke cigars?
  • that in Fox Point Wisconsin, Kerries can not travel in groups larger than two?
  • that the Belvedere California City Council passed a law that reads: "No dog shall be in a public place without its master on a leash."

As published in "Cockeyed Americana", by Dick Hyman

Did you know

- that the mascot of St. Mary's Academy Glens Falls, New York is a Kerry Blue?

Submitted by Sharon Burnett

Did you know

- that Maine has an island in the shape of a Kerry head?

Submitted by Brian Corry

Did you know

- that the United States Postal Service issued three stamps that depict a Kerry Blue owner. Do you know who they are?

Submitted by John Van den Bergh

Did you know

- that the St. Mikes College football team is called "The Kerry Blues"? St. Mikes is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Submitted by Heather Denny

Did you know

- that the gypsies in Ireland favor Kerry Blue-German Shepard mixes for their competitive dog fights?

Submitted by Emer Galvin.

Did you know

- that when a farmer in County Kerry is talking about "his Kerries" he is not talking about his dogs but his cows?
The Kerry is a medium size, dark brown bovine, with short legs to handle the steep hills of County Kerry.

Submitted by John Van den Bergh

Did you know

- that you can eat Kerry Blues? A Kerry Blue is a red potato in the Solanaceae family and the Solanum genus.

Submitted by Judith Bruno

Did you know

- that our Kerry Blue made it on Jeopardy in the fall of 1996? (A quiz show on US and Canadian TV.)
The $800.00 question under the "Dog" heading was, " One story of the Kerry Blue Terrier is that it originated from a dog who swam ashore from a shipwreck in 1588 off the coast of Ireland. True of False?" Surprisingly the contestants knew the answer.

Submitted by Paul and Valerie McCloskey

The second time Kerries were on Jeopardy was in 1997. The question was: "This dog is born black and turns gray as it matures." or some such. One of the contestants did have the correct answer.

Submitted by Paul D. Motzenbecker

Did you know

- that the original home of the Kerry Blue was not in County Kerry?
The original home of the Kerry Blue was Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary.

Submitted by John Van den Bergh

Did you know

- that cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten?

Submitted by David Simmerly

Did you know

- that the way a Kerry "tricks" a badger out of the ground is to allow the badger to grab hold of his fall and then drag him out?

Submitted by Vern & Sheryl Homolka.

Did you know

- that in the seventies, "The Kerrry Blues" was an Irish pop band?
Photo 1, Photo 2

Submitted by Judith Bruno

If you have any other interesting Kerry facts, please leave me a message.

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