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Kerry Notes


Submitted by Judith Bruno

It is pleasing to note the increase of Kerry registrations, in the American Kennel Club, for the period of the first five months of this year, as compared with the same period during 1926.

Since January, 1927, up until May, there has been thirty-nine Kerries registered, as against twenty over the -same period of 1926. This shows that the breed is going forward, with eligible stock for registration.

In the beginning, when Kerries were first introduced in this country, a great deal of foundation stock was brought over here, to be found ineligible for registration. The true fanciers were quick to realize the importance of this matter, and quickly disposed of their stock, for dogs and bitches eligible to registration. I know of few breeders of the Kerry today whose stock is not eligible to registration.

For the benefit of those members of the fancy who possess dogs and bitches registered in the Irish Kennel Club, will state that these dogs are eligible to registration in the A. K. C. The Irish Kennel Club is now recognized by the American Kennel Club. At the inception of the I. K. C. stud book, it was not recognized in this country owing to a little friction with the Kennel Club of England. These differences, however, have been satisfactorily ironed out, and their certificates of registration will be honored by the A. K. C., providing same is accompanied by a certified copy of pedigree bearing three generations.

Some fanciers made an effort a few years ago to get their dogs registered and, being turned down at the time, have considered the matter closed. If your dog is registered with the I. K. C., and you have a certified copy of pedigree showing three generations, you may have the dog registered '

Do not breed dogs which are ineligible to registration. You are merely hindering the progress of the breed by setting up origins of deterioration, by breeding to strains of which you know of no relative value for improvement of your stock or the betterment of the breed ' If you are interested in dogs, and particularly your own breed, you will breed along constructive instead of destructive lines.

Do not buy dogs unless their papers are intact, and do not breed dogs which are not eligible to registration. Own and sell dogs which you may be proud of. Don't try to get by with ordinary stock, with the ultimate aim of some day accidentally producing a good one. Your time and trouble will usually have been in vain and your contribution to the dog world will have been naught.

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