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Allergic Reactions to the Kerry Blue Terrier 14 March 2016
by Natalia Samajova

The Kerry is a breed with a nonshedding coat, which is why it is one of the most commonly recommended breeds for allergy sufferers.

Are Kerries Good With Kids? 14 March 2016
by Randy A. Hayes

Kerries and Kids: Do the two get along? For the most part, the unreserved response of the newslist is "Yes." There are several caveats mentioned, however.

Care and Training of the Kerry Blue 14 March 2016
by Daryl Enstone, Janet Joers, Lisa Frankland and others

Care and Training of the Kerry Blue Terrier: Feeding, Grooming, Excercise, Training and "Home Alone".

Don't Get a Kerry! 14 March 2016
by Janet Joers

Interested in getting a Kerry Blue Terrier? Before it's too late, you need to know that the Kerry is not the ideal dog for everyone. Think long and hard before buying or adopting one. You will be committing yourself for up to 15 years.

Kerry Blues are Not Perfect 15 March 2016
by Janet Joers

Although probably all of us with a Kerry Blue think it is the best dog in the world , it is not for everybody. But often, what others consider a "fault" is what someone else considers an "attribute."

The Kerry Blue as a Pet 15 March 2016

The Kerry is a striking dog, projecting nobility-and he knows it! Take him for a walk down Main Street and watch people turn admiringly in your direction. But beauty is only skin deep. The Kerry's real values lie below the surface.

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