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2017 Financials 10 February 2018

KBTF 2019 Rescue Calendar 16 September 2018

2018 Kerry Blue Terrier Calendar

Dianne Collins, a Tribute 10 March 2017

I am sure that when Dianne crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week that there was a heavenly host of spirits waiting to meet her, no doubt led by her beloved Mia. So many of us will miss her on this side, but so many have been waiting to welcome her on the other side.
She has left us much too soon and will be forever missed. Rest in peace Dianne

15th Anniversary 18 February 2017

On February 22, 2017 the Foundation is officially 15 years old. It has been in operation for longer than that – but was incorporated that day and the 501c3 status became official on June 30, 2002.

Condition of the Foundation 29 January 2017

KBTF Financial Condition of the KBTF ON 12/31/2016. The Foundation is lucky to have about $75,000 in the bank. This was only possible from bequests the Foundation received from people who put the Foundation in their will.

The Kerry Blue Den 21 August 2016

Introducing a place for you and your Kerry to hang out. This Facebook page is dedicated to all Kerry owners who wish to share stories about their Kerry with other Kerry owners.

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Today is December 14, 2018

In this month in 1970:

Jerome Megargee reported that Kerry registrations in Ireland were up almost 50% over the previous year.