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Dogs Will Eat Anything (and Some of It is Poison) 31 March 2016
by Jeff Grognet, DVM

Dogs are curious creatures; they also like to eat. This sometimes gets them in trouble when they devour something they shouldn't. Dog owners must be aware of the products, foods, and plants that are hazardous to their pets, and they also must be able to recognize symptoms of poisoning. This is extremely important because the sooner care is sought, the better the outcome for the dog

Ingested Glass 31 March 2016
by Sandy Brock.

What do you do if your puppy (or mischievous older dog) gets into your holiday decorations and eats some of the glass ornaments? This potentially lethal mishap...

Insect Bites 31 March 2016
by Lisa Frankland

Although black widows are the most poisonous spiders in North America, their bite is rarely fatal. The bite does cause a lot of swelling and is quite painful, but does not have lasting effects.

No Dog Parking – Any Time 31 March 2016
by Judy Peacott

I am sure many people do not realize the potential danger they expose their treasured pet to when they “park” their dog.

Ouch! The Creepy Things that Bite or Sting 31 March 2016
by Kevin Fitzgerald, DVM

Poisonous snakes and insects in North America to be wary of

Poison Proof Your Home 31 March 2016

Take a minute and survey your home for potential hazards. A few minutes now may save the life of your canine companion.

Prepare to Save Your Pet's Life 31 March 2016
by Lyn T. Garson, CVT

What do corn syrup and hydrogen peroxide have in common? They each can be used to save an animal's life. How about Tylenol®, insecticides, avocado, and grapes? These are toxic to animals and can case serious and/or life-threatening illness. With advanced planning and a few basic supplies you can help save your pet's life in an emergency.

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