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Letter from Zeus


© 2003, Hal Baumann

No portion of this article may be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. Reprinted with permission from , Hal Baumann.


I helped my darling boy, Zeus, cross over that Bridge you have spoken of a little over two months ago. He was just shy of 14.5. It was truly the most difficult experience for me. Zeus was my first Kerry. He was, as they all are, a most special being. The following letter from my love must be shared.

Date: Now

My Darling Dad,

First, I'm GREAT! You were so right. You said I would go to sleep with all my aches and pains and wake up over the bridge to be greeted by Poppy and your Dad, Jim. They were there, they knew my name and they had big smiles and tasty treats for me. They rub me all the time and take me everywhere they go. Kerry Blue's are made to live life all out. Before "Now," I hurt. I could not run any more nor could I jump like before. Everything I did hurt. We do not cry or complain. We live with the hand we are dealt and just keep going. You said I would be whole again when I made this journey. Well, I can run with no pain, fast as ever. I can leap like before. There are fields with piles of leaves, fields with snow, lawns of grass and even woods with cats! I think it and there it is! Everyone loves me, even your Mom, Yaya, who looked at me, shook her head and smiled at me (I was quiet and just wagged my tail like you said I should).

I did not want to leave. Life was so good to me. Mom took such unbelievable care of me. I trailed right behind her as a shadow. I waited by the door every morning when she went for the paper. I did not know where she went, wondering if she would return but now I have come to understand so much. I greeted her return like it was months between visits even though she was out of sight for only a couple of minutes. When I tell everyone here what I ate, my areas of the house that were mine, and how my family always had someone there with me, I get stares of disbelief! So much special treatment! When my Sister would let me hop onto the couch (lifting me when I could no longer just jump up) and protect me from Mom who just made a face and left the room. Sister fed me by hand, piece by piece, when that terrible tumor stopped my nose from smelling. My Brother, so big and strong, yet he handled me like a butterfly. He would lay down with me, rub me and look at me with so much love. He was so brave and strong when he went with you and I to Dr. Robin to start this last journey. She, Dr. Karen and all the others at their place were always so nice to me. I loved smelling and hearing all the cats and dogs even though some were not well. I guess keeping me going for so long tells how good they are and to do it with such love and kindness! That's special. You know I never did like my baths and haircuts! Michelle knew this and made the time as good as anyone could. Her having the dogs and ferret did make it an interesting stop.

I know you guys think you are the dominant species, but think about it. I never had to prepare a meal; I never cleaned up after you; I slept when and where I wanted to sleep; I never saw anyone pat you on the head! You dominate? Not.

Dad, I was so happy when I heard you tell everyone that I was just like you, handsome, intelligent and sometimes contentious! Like you, my bark was far worse than my bite. You loved me so much. I also know how much you all miss me. That's really why the Alpha here let me send you this note. I will see you again and just hope that you learned a few things from me.

My love is truly unconditional. I think you need to love the same way with no limits, get real excited when you see someone you love. Hold nothing back and have total trust for the ones you love as with the ones who love you.

Deal with the hand you are dealt without complaint. Life goes on with good and bad, happiness and sadness. It is all part of life and to be experienced and lived.

Persistence. If we are nothing else, Kerry's are persistent. I loved how you told the kids that this was the attribute that was most important to ones success. Know where you want to go and never stop trying to get there.

Finally is our sense of time. We have none. Everything is now. I never understood before or tomorrow. I live in the now. Now is the most important time.

So Dad, live in the now. I will see you soon. Think of me each day. I watch over you, Mom, Sister and Brother every day.

Need to run now as there is a field with snow! Still love to race through it and jump, jump, and jump some more!

Love you, All ways, Always,


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