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The Kerry Adoption Process


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Questions about the Rescue process?
Contact Judi Young, Rescue Support at or write to the Rescue Coordinator for your state.

For people who haven't owned a Kerry before, we recommend that you study the breed before you contact rescue. A good place to start is this web site. Other places to start would be to read some Kerry books and periodicals. You should also talk to people who have experience with the breed, such to Kerry exhibitors at local dog shows, or a breeder near you.

The next step in the adoption process is--no matter where you live--to complete the 

Adoption Questionnaire. DO NOT USE THE ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS. IT DOES NOT WORK. PLEASE PRINT AND MAIL, EMAIL OR FAX THE APPLICATION.The questionnaire helps you understand the breed and the responsibilities involved in owning a Kerry Blue. If you are not comfortable filling out the questionnaire, you probably are not meant to own a Kerry. Send the questionnaire to the Rescue Coordinator(s) nearest you.

The application will get reviewed. Usually you'll correspond with the Coordinator a number of times, and potential Rescue dogs might be identified.

At that point, the Rescue Coordinator will call your references and arrange a "home visit." That means a Kerry person comes to your home--hopefully with a Kerry or two in tow--to check out your fence, talk about security, Kerry care and temperament. He or she will probably be a wonderful local resource in the future when you own your own Kerry.

Once you and the Rescue Coordinator are comfortable with the placement, the Adoption Contract must be signed. We also expect that the adopter make a donation to the Foundation ot help cover the costs.

Some rescue dogs have some problem; behavior, health or old age. The Rescue Coordinator tries to ensure that the potential adopter understands the situation and the responsibilities. If you are not selected to adopt a rescue Kerry, rest assured that the decision was made with your and the Kerry's best interest in mind.

Your completed questionnaire is an excellent way to introduce yourself to Kerry breeders who may have puppies or an older dog to place, or who may know of someone who does. You can also send the questionnaire to an officer of a nearby Kerry Club.

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The first unofficial standard of the breed is published by the "Bazaar" of Killarney.

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