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2004 Rescue Kerries Placed


© 2016 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Some of the Kerries placed by the Foundation during 2004.


Born in a puppy mill and ultimately rescued by the Kerry Foundation, Mulligan spent most of his short life in a crate, ignored by everybody. It is small wonder that when he arrived in foster care, he was shy, unsure of himself, and overwhelmed by the big world that suddenly surrounded him. Today, thanks to excellent foster care, Mulligan is making wonderful progress.


At 4 months old, Mulligan is a very sweet, gentle, soft-tempered male who needs encouragement to overcome his insecurities. He quickly learned to trust his foster parents, and is now learning to look for cookies from people he meets on his walks. He is being "tutored" by his female Kerry housepal, who taught him how to play, and accompanies him on his daily walks. This little boy is slowly but steadily gaining confidence, and learning that the world isn't a scary place.

Mulligan has three things going for him that make him highly responsive to training: he is smart (he learned his name in a single day!), he is food-motivated, and he has a will to please. He walks well on a lead, and does well with other dogs. In fact, we hope his adopter will have a happy, well-adjusted female dog to be his friend--one who will help him overcome his shyness.

Mulligan's ideal adopters will be compassionate and patient, and able to provide ongoing, carefully paced socialization with people and other dogs. He would do well with a child to love him, but active, boisterous homes would likely be too stressful for him. Mulligan currently displays separation anxiety--an issue that can be overcome with proper training and a stable, secure environment--so he will need a home where there is someone there during the day to provide the security and training he needs.



From: peggy turner <>
Subject: Mulligan
Date: February 11, 2012 2:47:42 PM PST

Mulligan, a 2004 rescue.
The best dog in the world!


Brenna is 1 year old, spayed, and in excellent health. She is house-trained (though expect some lapses), crate-trained, and knows all her basic obedience commands (with reminders). She is a "dream" on a lead, and loves the adventures of her walks. As her foster mom puts it, "She is young and full of everything in a most joyous way!"

The best home for this little girl is one where someone is home during the day with time to give her--something she has not had. She also thrives on activity, so an active household would be ideal, especially one with a non-dominate male or even female dog, and a family capable of providing the exercise and ongoing training she needs.

Please know that rescues are expensive. To help us continue our work and rescue other Kerries in need, please consider making a donation. It can save a life. See Donations.


Meet Guinness!

 This little guy was born in a puppy mill and was rescued by the Kerry Foundation when he went unsold. Through us, he was adopted out almost immediately by a family on our waiting list with an Adoption Questionnaire on file. (Note: If you are interested in adopting one of our Rescue Kerries, please submit an Adoption Questionnaire now, rather than waiting for the perfect dog to appear on this page.)

Despite being raised in an environment that lacked human contact, Guinness came bounding into the arms of our Rescue volunteer long overdue for his first belly rub! In foster care, Guinness proved himself "all boy"--self-confident, outgoing, and ready for action! He learned how to play, retrieve a ball, and untie shoelaces. Resilient, highly intelligent, with a strong will to please, this little guy displays all the characteristics our breed is known for. He is happily at home in western PA, charming the socks off everyone he meets.

Meet our 3 Rescue Kerries!

This month, the Kerry Foundation rescued its first Kerries from a dog auction--a sale where dogs are bid on like cattle, and sold as nothing more than commodities to make money. This is where the puppy mills buy and sell their breeding stock. We are happy to announce that 3 Kerries, from this day forward, will no longer be mass-producing puppies to enrich a puppy miller.

We have 2 males and 1 female, between 3 and 3 1/2 years old, all determined to be sound in health and temperament. Like all our Rescue dogs, they were thoroughly evaluated by a vet (two, in fact), tested for a variety of conditions, and spayed and neutered. Apart from an old eye injury on one dog, all are healthy and in good physical condition.

All 3 Kerries have wonderful appetites, none are barkers, diggers, or chewers (except on knuckle bones), and not one, alas, knows what a dog toy is--something we hope changes in their adoptive homes!                     

Danny is a good-sized Kerry at about 40 lbs., friendly with people, outgoing, and very eager to please. He comes when called, is good on a lead, and thoroughly enjoys being petted and loved. Danny has been socialized with people and does well with older children (early teens). Although he loves to run and play, he is nonetheless a calm, attentive dog that should respond well to training.





Charlie is the smaller of the two males at about 34 lbs., and has impaired vision in one eye that does not seem to slow him down one bit! He is the Kerry who is most keen on exploring his new world and enjoying his freedom. He, too, comes when called, loves to be petted, and is extremely intelligent. Charlie is something of an escape artist (a little Houdini!), so he will need alert owners to keep him safe. He is a free and happy spirit, used to getting his own way, so he will require firm training and discipline through love and reward to be the best that he can be. 


 Maggie, whose eyes will melt the hardest heart, is one of those dogs that you just want to pick up, hold, and love. She is soft in temperament and very shy with people, and needs a patient family to help her overcome her past life. Maggie is playful and alert in the company of the male Kerries, so her ideal home would have a well-adjusted male canine companion. She is a sweet and gentle girl who needs to learn that all good things come from people.




What all 3 Kerries have in common is a need for house-training, obedience training, and much love and positive interaction with people. They require a safely enclosed back yard, and preferably a home where someone is there during the day to reinforce training and provide the attention they deserve and never had.


Update on Finnean (formerly Danny)

From: Carol Cain <cain1950@COMCAST.NET>
Date: Wed Aug 9, 2006 9:09:25 AM US/Pacific

Finnean was a 3 year old Irish Kerry who was labeled dog aggressive and not to be around children.We have been working with Finn on walking on the lead, heel, sit, stay etc.

He has done very well with us. He rides in the car with us without any problems. He tolerates the two girls and the two cats wonderfully. Finnean has passed a huge test this past month - his first parade! I can't begin to tell you how proud I was of him. He rode shotgun with me in a
little Nissan convertible, top down, fire engines screaming behind us, kids all over running all around the car stopping short when they saw him to pet him. Not one growl, not one crouching down in fear, not one attempt to bark at the dogs on the parade route, not one accident in the car - he just sat
regally beside me.

When we got out of the car at the end of the parade for our "necessary" stop - he walked perfectly for me on the lead, did his business and was on the way back to the car when he spotted an off leash Doberman heading our way at a run. Finn never uttered a sound, but he placed himself between me and the Doberman. And stood at perfect attention.

I decided that maybe we shouldn't push the test too far and asked Finn to heel, which he did (ok he did make sure he could see the Doberman still headed our way), and we walked back to the car, he got right in and sat back down.

The Doberman passed by without incident.

It's a proud moment in our household! It's too bad that his breeder will never know what a wonderful dog Finnean turned out to be, even though he sold him to a puppy mill!

And yes, there will be many more parades in Finn's future!


Meet Trooper!

What happens to Kerry puppies that don't sell in pet stores? Some get turned over to a local veterinarian's office, and that's what happened to Trooper. When the call came, the Foundation promptly accepted the puppy and arranged for his transportation to foster care and a whole new world.


      Trooper - Before               Trooper - After 

Trooper is an energetic, playful 10-month old Kerry male who came to us well socialized with people and other dogs. He is a curious little fellow, and likes to explore the whole new world that has opened up for him. Things our Kerries take for granted, such as grass, plants, bugs, and running & playing in a fenced in yard, are all new to him. Trooper is a very quick learner, doing very well on his house-training and walking on a lead, and will be full of his KBT self in no time at all.

As you can guess from the "before" photo, Trooper had never been groomed in all his 10 months of life, and looked more like a Bouvier than a Kerry. Working through all those mats presented quite a challenge to Rescue Volunteers Beth Tarnoski and Marilyn Garrett. But their patience and grooming magic turned him into a very pretty Kerry Blue Terrier.


Beth Tarnoski
112 Shakespeare Drive
Sinking Spring, PA 19608  

The Foundation would like to thank Shelley Killcoyne for transporting our little guy through New York City rush hour and making the long drive to her rendezvous with Priscilla & David Harvey. The Harveys made the late-night trip back to their home and graciously hosted Trooper until he was picked up by Beth Tarnoski, groomed by her and Marilyn Garrett, and transferred to Marilyn's for foster care. It was Marilyn who opened her heart and home to him, and gave him the first real daily care, love, and training he ever had. We thank them all

Please know that rescues are expensive. To help us continue our work and rescue other Kerries in need, please consider making a donation. It can save a life. See Donations. 20-Jul-04 

Sweet Little Bridgett!

One rainy, overcast day in April, Bridgett disembarked from the Pennsylvania SPCA's "Pet Express" truck after a 200-mile trip, and walked into the lives and hearts of our local Kerry Foundation Rescue volunteers. Under her unkept coat, behind the infected eyes was the sweetest Kerry girl you could hope to meet--one with a bit of the leprechaun, too! 

Our little Bridgett, at about 17 1/2-inches and all of 31 lbs., represents yet another case of owner neglect. She is receiving excellent medical care and treatment, and is expected to recover fully from conditions that went untreated for a long time (eyes, teeth, anal glands, etc.). Good nutrition, solid exercise, and lots of love is the best prescription she could have.

What stands out about Bridgett is her utterly sweet, infinitely gentle, affectionate nature. This is a "lap dog" that wants to be petted, petted, petted! She's also an angel on the grooming table and really enjoys all the attention. (See her Kerry grin in the second photo?!) Bridgett likes everybody, and that includes other dogs--dogs such as Duffy, her young male Kerry housepal. One look at him, and Bridgett suddenly remembered that she was a Kerry Blue Terrier and the games were on! Even at the end of her first very long day, and since then, Bridgett is the one who initiates play and a wild run around the yard keeps Duffy on his toes. She may be 8 years old, but she certainly doesn't know it!

Bridgett's ideal home would have someone home during the day with time to give her the attention she deserves. A home with another terrier would be wonderful, as Bridgett is in need of exercise to develop muscle tone. But most of all, she needs someone to love who loves her back.


The Foundation would like to express its deep gratitude to Andy Macklevain of the Pennsylvania SPCA--Wellsboro and his staff, including Georganne and Sharon, for alerting us to Bridgett, and for providing courtesy transportation to Philadelphia and our waiting volunteer. Thanks to their good work, Bridgett is on her way to a better life. We would also like to thank Beth Tarnoski for selflessly--on a moment's notice--retrieving Bridgett, vetting and treating her, and providing a safe harbor for her while she awaits her permanent home.

Bridgett recuperates from surgery (teeth cleaning and extraction, tumor removal), and tames a wild beast, too!

Bridgett's rescue and medical care was made possible through donations to the Kerry Foundation. To help us continue our work and rescue other Kerries in need, please consider making a donation. It can save a life. See Donations.




2 Kerry Puppies! 

These two 3-month-old male puppies entered the Kerry Foundation Rescue program when they didn't sell at a pet store. Both pups came to us with kennel cough and eye infections, one was hospitalized for 5 days, and one had ear infections and parasites as well. All of these conditions are temporary, most are nearly cleared up (as I write this), and none will have any lasting effects on the health of either dog. The puppies have been fully vet-checked, are receiving follow-ups, and will be groomed as soon as health permits. They are now in the excellent care of one absolutely wonderful foster family.


How do 2 puppies behave when they enter a back yard for the very first time? With great glee! Having lived in a cage all their short lives, neither knew how to run or negotiate stairs, but they did know how to hop like little black bunnies, and they knew how to play. Chasing each other and rolling in the ivy are two games they now play with gusto.

Both puppies are loaded with energy and LOVE all the attention they are getting. Both are sweet and affectionate, like all Kerry puppies. One is a bit of an instigator, who "starts" things. His brother is a little more mature and independent, and is even willing to take a nap by himself. The latter is also further along in his housetraining, but he has been with his family the longest.

These puppies need:

  • solid and ongoing socialization with dogs and people
  • someone who is home during the day to housetrain, socialize, and provide love and attention
  • ear setting by someone who knows how
  • a warm and loving family that will provide proper care, meet the puppy's needs, and treat him like the important family member he will be!

The Foundation would like to thank Jennifer Lokken for her extraordinary skill in managing this Rescue and arranging foster care. We would also like to thank Mike & Kelly Healy for opening their hearts and home to 2 puppies who had nowhere to go. Without them, this Rescue would not have happened. 

Meet Celt, our Champion Kerry! 

Celt is a healthy, happy 9-year-old champion male Kerry in need of a new home. His senior owners--who adore him-- will be moving to an assisted living facility at the end of March, and will be unable to take him with them. The Kerry Foundation is helping them find the perfect home for him.

Celt is a very sweet and active fellow, friendly with both adults and children, and very well-behaved. He does well with female dogs (and he's quite the ladies' man, we're told!), but, like every true-blooded Kerry, he is not keen on socializing with male dogs or cats. As a former show-boy, Celt handles well on a lead and knows how to strut his stuff! He is a beautiful, well-cared for, and much loved family companion, used to being with someone full-time and receiving oodles of attention. Apart from a sensitive tummy (solved with proper diet), Celt is in the best of health, he's neutered, and thoroughly enjoys his daily walks in the great outdoors.





Jagger is a 2-year-old purebred male Kerry rescued from a rural area in the Midwest where he lived outside for a full year. His coat was badly neglected and had to be completely clippered off. He weighed 24.5 lbs. and had ringworm, roundworm, eye infections, a bacterial infection in his GI tract, bloody diarrhea, and severe ear infections that impaired his hearing (hopefully only temporarily). He was also intact, having sired a litter of Kerry/Golden Retreiver mix puppies, and was not housetrained by either his first owner or the second.
Today Jagger is receiving the best of care, and all his medical conditions have cleared up except for the painful ear infection, and that is improving. He has gained 7 lbs. his coat is growing out, he is housetrained (after 1 week and 1 accident), and he has completely endeared himself to everyone who has met him--his rescuers, his Wheaten housepal, everyone in the vet's office, and most especially to his foster family, who is adopting him. Jagger now has 4 people to pet him and play games with, and all the love and attention a dog could want.

Described as "so very sweet and loveable," Jagger "sticks like glue" to members of his new family, and has adjusted quickly to life indoors. His new mom writes:
"He is very curious! I think he has looked in every corner, closet and drawer in this house and is curious about everything we do, from vacuuming, sweeping to loading the dishwasher. He likes to look at himself in the mirror and seems to watch TV. We taught him to sit and he seems willing to learn. And he wants to be in our lap, kissing us whenever possible!"
Jagger epitomizes the amazing resiliency and adaptability of our breed. He also exemplifies how quickly a dog can blossom under proper care, training, and love.

The Foundation would like to thank Jagger's rescuers for their care and compassion, and doing a truly outstanding job securing his release.


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