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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Andrew


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Rescue Coordinator: Sharon Arkoff

Andrew came in with Kerrie, his "sister," in November 2009 (Kerrie went to Colorado in Spring of this year), but since he was so old, we just never questioned even putting him up for adoption, especially since his former owner had said that she didn't think he'd live out the year. Andrew was a very "young" 14-yo, with no problems at all except for being deaf. I'm keeping Andrew.

November 2010 Update

Another perfect, handsome, loving, giving, funny kerry gone across the bridge. We had Andrew for, I think, one year to the day; he came into rescue just before Thanksgiving of last year, and now here we are again -- but without my furry shadow. Andrew's hind legs were giving out and he was getting scared because of it, and his passing was peaceful and caring, but for me, a year was not enough. Andrew believed that whither I went, he should follow, no matter how short the journey -- all of "his" spots in the house are ones where he could keep an eye on me. It's odd now to get up out of a chair and not hear him getting up to follow me. I know it sounds gruesome, but I will feel better when we get his ashes back, and I can tell myself that some part of him is home again, near me, where he always felt he should be.

The other parts of him I'm going to assume are off chasing the cat that he could never catch. One thing about elderly rescues is that you never got to see them with youthful strength and agility, so it is nice to think that now Andrew is off chasing the cat and getting close enough to feel heroic in his own mind.



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