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2010 Rescue Kerries Placed: Marley


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Rescue Coordinator: Danielle Monroy

Four years ago (2006) Marley was found wandering the streets of Pasadena as a young puppy. His rescuers love him, but have relocated and find they now are no longer able to provide him what he needs. I have met this young male and found him to be delightful and affectionate, immediately sitting at my feet to ask for itches and rubs.

He loves to take walks, play hide and seek with two people who each have treats, and he likes to run and jump with people outside. He is semi-independent and will spend hours with his stuffed toys, which he likes to suck on. He has a soft loose-curly coat and a very waggy natural tail.

He has been walked on leash, and also allowed to go off leash at dog parks and at the beach, where he sticks close. He is not an escape artists and generally does not run off. His one vice is to be protective at home, and while this may require some training or system when strangers come into the house, it is a typical trait for a Kerry Blue.

He is great with kids, who come up to him all the time when he is walked, and pet him. On walks he is either disinterested in cats, or sometimes interested but not overly aggressive. He is good with other dogs who are not aggressive toward him. While on leash, when another larger dog passes, he really wants to go meet that dog and will pull strongly to do so. But, he is not aggressive and seems to just want to meet the other dog.

Marley’s owners are willing to wait for the right home, but only for a month or so. Would you be the forever home for this delightful Irish Gentleman?

Marley was placed in Colorado in January 2010.

Subject: Update of Marley for website
Date: January 25, 2010 7:27:04 PM PST

Marley has found a new home! He is now living amongst the squirrels and in the snow of Boulder Colorado. His travel to his new adventure went very well after spending a slumber party evening at the home of Danielle Monroy, partying it up with her two Kerries, Blaire and Jimmy. He boarded his luxury flight with Pet Airways via Hawthorne Executive Airport (traveling in first class with his stuffed animal companion and in flight snack biscuits). "Onward!" he said with a bound, never looking back.

Here's Marley on his first CO trail -- a friend of ours is on the left
The following is an accounting of his new accommodations as related by his new owners Cindy and Kaye.
Waiting to go for a walk
From Marley’s new co-owner Kaye:
I've just come back from letting him out at noon. He was asleep when I got there and then came bounding out. [He] seems very happy with his arrangements.

He is proving to be a robust eater and we're very happy
about that, though will watch to make sure that he isn't TOO robust. As Cynthia said, he is such a happy boy and a joy to be around. [He shows] a little bit of dominance behavior but we think we have that under control. We are working with him on not bounding (he does a lot of that) out of the car. It's a contest of wills but we are devoted to winning that.

All of our friends who've met him so far find him beautiful and friendly. He thinks the same of them...
We can't thank you enough for him. Pet Airways, by the way, was wonderful. I've told a lot of people about them and the young woman on duty when I picked him up said they are adding another two cities. They seem to be doing well.

Caught on furniture!

From Marley’s Co-owner Cindy:

Kaye and I are delighted with Marley -- and we think he is with us, too! He is the most cheerful, happy dog -- and pretty well behaved! He learns very fast and is already walking better on his leash -- and greeting dogs nicely. He's gone to other people's houses for visits already and has behaved himself extremely well. He LOVES walks and has really been enjoying walks around the neighborhood as well as time out on the trails. A dog park is next on the agenda so that we can see how he plays. We've had people over for dinner and he's been delighted to see everyone. Friends have bought presents for him which he thought was great. He's visited the local hardware store, pet shop, and dog and cat bakery and was a hit everywhere. Our vet checked him and thinks he's in great shape. This is his first day at home alone and we're staggering trips home from work to see how he's doing. He seems incredibly adaptable.

From: Danielle Monroy
Subject: Update on Marley
Date: March 14, 2010 12:23:28 PM PDTF

Marley is having a fantastic time with his new family! He even has a new baby sister, which makes him feel Big, Brave, and Beautifully loved!!!

1) Marley, dog of the mountains

2) Marley and Polly (and Kaye) at a dog fair

3) The kitchen full of dogs, dog beds, and barriers!

From: Cindy
Subject: Update on Marley
Date: March 29, 2010 7:03:58 PM PDT

Attached are a few more photos. Marley in his muscle shirt on St Patrick's Day. (He attended the Boulder parade.) And a couple of photos with his new sibling, Polly.

He's become more and more affectionate, which is wonderful to see!


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