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2015 Rescue Kerries Placed: Pearl


© 2015 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

Pearl, a 5-Year Old Female

Will You Be Her Valentine?

Rescue Coordinator: Regina Corry

Fostered in Virginia 

Pearl is a healthy spayed 5 year old KBT purebred, born on Valentines Day! Pearl has spent her entire 5 years with a family that includes two young children, and she is good around people. However, she is not reliable around other dogs and should have a home where there are not doggy interactions. She has some anxiety about interactions in life, and she seems to manifest that in nervous behavior towards other dogs - particularly if they come to the owners property. While she has liked some dogs, she has shown her displeasure toward other dogs who occupy her world. That has proved difficult in her owners' busy, dog-filled neighborhood.

Otherwise, Pearl has excellent manners and she likes to show off her obedience skills. She is fully housebroken, never has accidents, and is quiet when left alone for several hours. She loves to go for jogs and walks, and does fine on a lead. She shows interest in other dogs while walking, but responds when told to keep moving. She is not overly active in the home and loves to lie by a warm fire or watch tv! She loves kongs and toys where she can get treats. She loves nylabones and rope toys also, and has a few favorite stuffies that she carries around with her. She also loves to carry around shoes, but she is careful to not chew or damage them - she must just love the smell of her owners feet! She is also expert at walking on her back legs. She has not been allowed up on furniture, and she currently sleeps on a dog bed in the owners room.

She is looking for a forever home where the owners are around a lot, as she has never been left alone for the work-week. She would do best in a household without younger children, as she tries to dominate them. There can definitely be no other dogs, cats, or furry small animals as she has a strong hunter instinct. A fully fenced yard will be a big plus for this girl. She has never had a yard all to herself.

Pearl needs an owner used to staying ahead of the Kerry bossiness, and who will make her comfortable by eliminating interactions with other dogs. She will reward that home with much affection, and will be a great companion.

July 22, 2015 Update

Pearl, a lovely 5 year old KBT, has been with us for just a month, but she has completely charmed us! She is a delightful gem of a pet--amazingly good manners, well trained, and affectionate. We are SO thrilled to have her; she was definitely well worth the wait. Although she had some anxiety on the five hour car ride home,

It only took her a couple of days to feel quite comfortable in her new home. She loves to look out the windows into our surrounding forests, ever hopeful of something to chase. The sighting of the occasional squirrel is cause for high alert! And the deer that walk through our woods really get her excited, too. Fortunately, she is never off the leash--not sure she'd want to come back, with all of the wildlife around here to pursue!

One of our sons is home from college for the summer, and he is spoiling her; he'll sit on the couch reading and pet her continuously for 45 minutes. He and I take Pearl for long walks on our gravel and dirt road--for up to 4 miles. She loves those walks! After she'd been here for a week, we had our first visitor to meet her. She barked at them at first, but that quickly became a tail wagging greeting. We don't have any close neighbors and no loose dogs in the area, so she hasn't met any other dogs yet. She's also met our other two sons, and we all love her.

We haven't started to train Pearl to do anything yet, because she already knew how to do so much! She sits, lies down, stays, drops toys, drops food, heels, and knows the command to use the bathroom (and no mistakes inside at all). Wow! She will put her paws on the kitchen counters occasionally, but drops immediately when told to do so.

Pearl is an absolute sweetheart...just adorable, especially when she comes and lays her head on your lap for a snuggle. We're so thankful to all of the wonderful volunteers and so grateful to have found Pearl!

Lisa Townsend


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