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KENSI, the mysterious Kerry lady, looking for a home

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KENSI HAS A NEW HOME! KENSI, a "mysterious" 6-7 year old Kerry lady looking for a home. (Kensi is part of the "Kerries Helping Kerries" program.)

Originally Posted on February 15, 2019

  • Rescue Coordinator: George Hanna
  • Fostered in Indiana
  • Name Known By: Kensi
  • Estimated Age: 7
  • Sex: Female
  • Spayed:
  • Pure Kerry: Yes
  • Housebroken: Yes

Kensi was seen running loose and it took several days for her current owner to capture her. She was very skiddish while running loose.There was no microchip or other identifiers on the dog. 


After Kensi was captured, she was taken to the veterinarian who thought she might be a doodle of some kind. DNA tests were run and she is 99% Kerry Blue terrier. She tested positive for heartworm and was successfully treated.


Kensi is a cherished member of the family but her behavior towards some other dogs in the family has changed recently. She has been fine with small children in the past if there is only one at a time but recently three young grandchildren have been coming to the house several days a weeks and this has proven to be stressful for her causing her to growl at them. She seems to get anxious with too much noise and excitement all at once, be it multiple dogs or children. Kensi needs a quieter home with less activity. She does love people, loves long walks, and has accepted wearing a muzzle if that is necessary due to increased noise and activity levels.  

Kensi finds horses amusing and is not afraid of them at all instead enjoys running with them. She is crate trained and was a joyful family member until recent changes in her relationship with multi-dogs and multi-children in the house. 

Kensi has had several teeth removed but the rest appear fine for now according to her veterinarian. She does have a small cherry size cyst believed to be sebaceous in nature that should be watched although no action needs to be taken right now. There is early lens hardening in one eye but this causes Kensi no problems. 

Kensi's happiest family would be a Kerry savvy home with no other dogs and no small, noisy children. 

Kensi is part of the "Kerries Helping Kerries" program. What does this mean? In the majority of rescues for your KBTF, ownership of the Kerry is assumed by the Foundation and we become reseponsible for the Kerry in all aspects.  Thus the KBTF assumes most of the expenses connected with the rescue including transporation, veterinary and other expenses. In "Kerries Helping Kerries", a Kerry owner needs to find a new home for a Kerry and asks the KBTF to help in some way.  Most often the KBTF helps by looking for potential owners among our applications and see if there might  be a match. We then put the owner and potential adopter together and if they both think this would be a good home for the Kerry, the owner pays for transportation and veterinary costs connected with moving the dog to its new home. In "Kerries Helping Kerries" the Foundation is simply helps by providing support and encouragement to the Kerry owner .

Other Dogs: Maybe


Until recently Kensi got along well with multiple other dogs in the household but now there is tension even between Kensi and dogs she formerly got along well with. It seems to the current owner that while Kensi did not start a fight, she surely was the one to finish it (does this sound like a Kerry or what?) For this reason, Kensi would be best placed in a home with no other dogs. 

Cats: Maybe

Children: Maybe

Currently Kensi finds multiple small children coming into her home too much excitement and has begun growling at them. It is unknown how she would react to a single quieter child. 

Health is generally good as Kensi sees her veterinarian on a regular basis. 

Kensi should be placed in a Kerry savvy home where her people have some experience with this independent, stubborn, and delightful breed. 

If you are interested in Kensi, please fill out our Adoption Request Form (ARF). For more info, contact George Hanna,

If you can't adopt, please consider becoming a Kerry Angel.

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