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Chasing hope for CHASE, a 7 yo male in Georgia. (Not available for adoption at this time)

Chase, a 7 yo male Kerry, is now with George and Tuesday Hanna being evaluated. He was left behind when his life-long family moved recently and could not take him along. Chase was rehomed with a neighbor and her family who had no Kerry experience! Not too surprisingly, this proved to be a not happy match. Though a long series of events, Chase ended up in a shelter in Maryland and the Foundation worked to get him released to us. He is now safe with the Hanna’s as they evaluate his behavior, his specific needs, and his personality. At this time Chase is not available for adoption but we hope one day soon that will change.

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BRENDAN is officially ADOPTED!!!! 04/09/19 Congratulations Brendan! BRENDAN, a 3 yo former rescue Kerry, is hoping the third time will be a charm!

Brendan is a neutered 3 yo male who needs another home as his owner has recently died. No family members are able to take Brendan into their home so he is being returned to the KBTF to find another home. Brendan was taken into his current home as a rescue when he could not get along with resident dogs in his original home. Now he is looking to find his third home, a truly forever home or even a foster home until he can find another family to love him! He is currently in Chicago.

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KENSI HAS A NEW HOME! KENSI, a "mysterious" 6-7 year old Kerry lady looking for a home. (Kensi is part of the "Kerries Helping Kerries" program.)

Kensi, a 6-7 yo Kerry female, was found running loose by her current owner 5 1/2 years ago. Her current owner managed to capture her and take her to a veterinarian who thought that she had been on the run for at least two months. No microchip or other ID was found on the Kerry. (This is why she is called a "mysterious" Kerry lady). She is approximately six and a half years old and her birthdate is unknown. She was adopted, given the name Kensi and has been living a happy life with her family for 5 1/2 years....until recently. Although Kensi has been around other dogs for these years, she recently has had some trouble getting along with the other dogs in the household. She also does not react well to lots of excitement in the multi-dog household with several young grandchild visiting regularly. Because these things, the owner has asked the KBTF to find a new quieter home for Kensi.

Update: March 8, 2019:
Kensi has a wonderful new home in a home with no other dogs and no small children around. She is happily taking over the couch and learning her new territory!

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Update: 2/11/19 VALERIE, looking for love in a home with a BIG couch! VALERIE HAS FOUND HER BIG COUCH! She is ADOPTED and is home.

Presenting VALERIE, an eloquent senior looking for a quiet, loving home with a couch for her to lie on peacefully!
Valerie is a ten-and-a-half-year-old female who was one of the CA Kids from two summers ago. She was adopted into a beautiful loving home along with another senior female and three other dogs. All went happily for many months…until for whatever reason Valerie and the two-year-old resident bitch decided that they were not longer BFFs! Although she continues to get along just fine with the other dogs in the house, the relationship between Valerie and this Kerry has reached a point where she must find a new home. Because of this, Valerie must be placed in a home where she will be the one and only Princess of the Couch!

This is where we are hoping someone will be able to help! Here is a little about Valerie:
• Valerie LOVES baths!
• She likes to just follow her person around and be petted.
• While she is not a lap dog, Valerie will happily lay next to you on the couch for hours. (She is a true couch potato!) She also loves you to give her butt scritches!
• Her favorite treat is small Milkbones!
• She loves loves loves her bed (which could move with her depending on how she is transported)
• Valerie is blind in one eye so occasionally bumps into your leg if she is walking near you. This does not cause her many problems though as she sees perfectly fine out of the other eye.
• Poor Valerie has only a few teeth left and one of those will probably need to be removed soon. However, she eats just fine with her food softened up a bit with water or chicken broth. (She has gained weight nicely since she was first adopted!)
• When other dogs are around, Valarie hoards her food and likes to drink alone.
• She had part of one toe amputated because of a bone infection but is now completely cancer free. (After the operation, Valerie quickly returned to walking about and was much more comfortable doing so)
• Valerie enjoys her walks, trotting along quite smartly once she gets going (it’s not always so easy to get started when one is older)
• She travels in the car just fine and does well in places like hotels when travelling.
• We do not know if she will tolerate children or cats but suspect that a well- mannered, dog savvy child would be fine.
• Valerie sleeps a lot, is crate trained, and has been left alone for only 4 hours during which she is either crated or sleeps in her bed. She might be fine with someone who works only part-time but someone who is home most of the time would be perfect!

Valerie is currently located in southern California but could be placed pretty much anywhere although some place on the west coast would be preferable. Should she need any medical care in the future, the Foundation will help cover the costs. Valerie has been though many changes in her life the past many year and would simply like to find a home where she can be loved, sleep on the couch, and spend her remaining years being loved, scratched, fed, and enjoyed. She will in turn give you the gift of her love. For more information, contact Stephanie Moore nrg2spare2@aol.com.

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Update: ACHILLES IS HOME! 02/24/19 ACHILLES, a new 10 yo rescue, needs KERRY ANGELS!

Achilles is a ten year old neutered Kerry Blue male Kerry currently living in Alaska in a home where he has lived since he was a puppy. Due to health and financial concerns, his current owner can now longer care for him in the manner that he is accustomed to and has asked the Foundation to take him into our rescue program. While we have identified an adopter for Achilles from names that were in our files, we still need some special help for Achilles. Before Achilles can make the long trip to the "lower 48" (as rest of the U.S. that is not Alaska is called), he needed to have surgery done to remove a growth on his forehead as it would bleed whenever it was bumped. This was successfully done and Achilles will soon travel to his new home. (see pre op and post surgery photos)

However this was an expensive surgery which needed to be done: the cost to the Foundation (which included a discount from the clinic) was close to $2300! We could use some help in replacing some of the funds that were used to give his handsome guy a new start in life. If you could help by becoming one of Achilles's Kerry Angels, this would make a big difference in our ability to help the new rescue Kerry that comes along.

And if you are interested in adopting one of our rescue Kerry Blue terriers in the future, take the time to complete an application online and sent it to the Foundation. You can also send it directly to the Rescue Administrator Judi Young at judi.y@att.net

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Sweet Bella is looking for home! UPDATE 01/24/19 BELLA HAS A HOME!

Bella was one of the CA Kids that the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation rehomed in Y2018 only her name then was Chrissy. She was renamed after being placed in a home that just was not right for her. The trainer and rescue coordinator who have been caring for her near Phoenix AZ felt that she deserved not only another chance in life but a new name to mark her new future. After months of medical and behavioral work, Bella is ready for a new life and opportunity in a home preferably with no young children.

Bella has now had extensive dental surgery and has only three teeth left but she still sees herself as a dominant bitch in a household albeit it truly all bark and no bite in her case! She has some anxiety issues and severe dry-eye but these are both well controlled with daily eye drops and medication which must be given several times a day. She has lived happily with several other dogs, does well at dog parks, very accepting of grooming, likes to cuddle in human laps, and walks well. When she is on her mediation, she is a complete love. She would be best placed in a home where someone is home most of the time, either someone retired or who works out of their home. Bella is described by Sandra Scott, her Rescue Coordinator, as 10 years old going on four!

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Sasha in GA (Note: Sasha is not available for adoption at this time. August 2018)

7 YO Female - Best in a home with only one person as she is very “protective” of her owner

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COLBY In GA. (Please note that Colby is not available for adoption at this time)

9 YO Male - High Prey Drive - High Anxiety

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BRADY in Savannah (please note: Brady is not available for adoption at this time.)

10 YO Male - will need long term support

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