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Sam in Savannah

18 mo old sweet Kerry Boy

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Trevor aka Boomer In Texas

Trevor now named Boomer
This very affectionate young boy needs a loving home to grow up in. Preferably with someone that works from home. No small children however.

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Jiggs ... is now in his forever home!

Jiggs is a wonderful young energetic neutered Kerry boy that came to the Foundation through an owner surrender. Jiggs was an only dog throughout his first 2 years but a series of family changes found himself moving from Washington state to California with his owner and joining a family with 2 boxers. The adjustment to a multiple dog situation proved too much for Jiggs and his lady owner put Jiggs up for re-homing on the pet adoption website . The quick eye of a Foundation volunteer saw Jiggs and reached out to the owner immediately to see if KBTF could offer a Kerry savvy foster to Jiggs who was showing signs of dog aggression in his current situation and could end up in a worse place if someone not knowing the Kerry temperament were to try take him. Jiggs is now with his "foster" family in Northern CA who are reporting he is a happy healthy boy with a very bright future.

Update: Jiggs loves to hunt! Foster mom Karen informs us he hunts everything in her yard ... birds , bugs, rabbits ... everything. He's doing much better ... still "Kerry" stubborn but redirectable. Loves exploring the backyard off-leash .... He's an excellent watchdog and he's very protective.

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Meet Branden, a young male Kerry Blue Terrier in Chicago Illinois. Branden recently came to us from a home where he was loved but couldn't live in harmony with the dogs in the house.

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Finn -
Finn is a 5 yr. old neutered male living in Victoria, BC. He came from (what I consider) a disreputable breeder, arriving at his new home at 2 years of age emaciated, untrained and fearful. He adjusted to his new family with no problem, integrating into their lives smoothly and accompanying the male owner on every possible outing, including sleeping under the dentist chair during an appointment!
Unfortunately, Finn was attacked by another dog on a walk and as a result has become so much more fearful that he is showing dog aggression. The owners have worked closely with an experienced trainer but with much heartache admit they are not in a position to give him the amount of training and management he will require.
This is a lovely dog… for the right owner. He is loving and happy, in great health, and though not food motivated, he loves his toys. He will not be considered for any but the most responsible and experienced owner who can work with him daily on his fears, and manage him in public with confidence.
Finn needs to be an only dog in a home with no children.
If you can offer this boy a chance to be your best friend, please contact Linda Grisley at lgrisley@shaw.ca

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Fostered in Ontario and under evaluation for the best home

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Colby in Georgia

Colby is a 10 year old male AKC Registered Kerry - Due to illness in his family he is being rehomed by the KBTF - He is under evaluation and has never been around other dogs or kids. We will post updates soon.

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Mario, our hurricane boy

Mario was picked up in Manhattan during hurricane Matthew. He is a 9 year old altered male and heading to his new home in Baltimore.

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Sammy The Grand Dame of Rescue

This is the oldest Kerry the Foundation has ever rescued. At 17 years, she still has the kerry spirit.

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Keely....a lovely addition to your home?

A family is heart broken to have to rehome sweet little Keely, a 6 year old spayed female in Edmonton Alberta. Keely is full of love and play and will make a wonderful addition to a home with or without children and other dogs.

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Gracie; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Gracie is a charming, purebred Kerry. She is 10 years old and bred of Irish parents. Gracie is full of the Irish and her lively temperment belies her age!

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Meet Sassy Little Sasha

Sasha is a 6 year old spayed female. She is healthy and affectionate and being fostered in Georgia.

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A Lovely Lady

Lady is an 8 year old female purebred Kerry who was relinquished to the KBTF because her owner was having health problems and could no longer care for her. She is healthy, but has an intolerance to grains and must be fed a grain free diet. She is housebroken, up to date on vaccines. Good with other dogs, not with cats, unknown about children.

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Sunny, a 10-year old miracle man

The KBTF rescue group was notified by another breed rescue that there was a Kerry in trouble. He was in a shelter and had been turned in by his owner because he was "incontinent". Upon examination, he had bladder stones. The vet at the shelter tried to get the stones back into the bladder but was unsuccessful. The shelter reached out notifying breed groups that "Sunny" was going to need surgery and had to be picked up by 5 that afternoon……read euthanasia.

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Kirby, previously known as Bruno

Here we have Kirby (previously known as Bruno) ...a 'previously enjoyed' full fledged Kerry that would melt anyones heart. Bruno was found in a shelter near LA by one of our keen eyed followers after being picked up as a stray.

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Reilly, 7-year old Kerry Blue Terrier (Mix?)

Meet Reilly, a young Kerry who recently suffered the indignity of being identified as a "small standard Schnauzer" when he was pulled from a shelter. We don't know about this lovely boy's background: there is a chance that he is a Kerry mix but he looks and acts like a full blooded Kerry (albeit without set ears, and with a short tail and a Schnauzer haircut). The vet thinks he is between one and three years old.

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Well, here is one Teddy bear you sure can't win at the county fair! Even if they would allow you to throw pins in the bottle for him, he would not stand in one place long enough to be caught. This little guy is some prize, just the same.

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Liam is a purebred neutered male, born October 8, 2013. He was purchased from a breeder as a pup by a single older gentleman to whom he was very bonded.

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Meet Oliver

Ollie is a 12 year young, neutered, purebred Kerry Blue Terrier in good health who was rescued by the Foundation from a puppy mill. He is coming back into Foundation rescue because his owner is having health problems and can no longer care for him.

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Ms. Finney...A Darling Diva

Finney is an 8 year old spayed, purebred Kerry Blue Terrier rescued by the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation.

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