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KerryBlues-L Accolades


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Here is what people have said about KerryBlues-L:

  • "I love this list. It is chock full of very helpful peopl."
    Julie Schultz, CA
  • "I find so much valuable information (and laugh at so much pettiness) that I am addicted to the list. [ ]Thanks again!"
    Nancy Assero, Baltimore
  • "I felt privileged to be a student. I have learned more about Kerrys [recently] than in the two years of research etc that I did prior to buying a young, male puppy. In the last weeks this no hold barred conversation has emphasized our particular responsibility to our dogs. The statement that these dogs are smart, challenging and will push your buttons is indeed accurate."
    Nancy Binter, MD, Vermont
  • "You created a wonderful net of Kerry friends so that even when the least expected happens -- no Kerry owner is alone. It is truly wonderful."
    Nancy McMillan, Canada
  • "In my opinion, KB-L is the best of the best in newslists."
    Lisa Marie Wilkins, Columbia, Maryland, USA
  • "What an amazing privilege it is to be able to share our experiences and insights on the internet like this. A person would be foolish to ignore such a terrific resource."
    Donald Wilde, Cordial Kerries, Michigan, USA
  • "KerryBlues-L has put my mind at ease that there is nothing "wrong" with my dog. [...]Now I won't be running up vet bills and over-medicating for no good reason. [...] Thanks again to the Kerry List!"
    Sue Ann Bailey, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • "We're newcomers to the Internet, but have already found that the talk about Kerry Blues is much more intellectual than the idle chat about lesser breeds."
    Geoff and Linda Morley, Hartlepool, North East coast of England
  • "A few short years ago the kerry world was a small world in some respects but the distances long. Not many exhibitors nor shows worth attending if points counted, and lots of miles to drive to get them.

    Along came KB-L and things changed. The ability to express ourselves, make contacts and exchange information to hundreds of people world-wide have almost come to be taken for granted, but what if...just WHAT IF KB-L were to DISAPPEAR tomorrow? We have been given much here and little asked for in return. I cannot imagine the amount of time and work it takes to keep projects like this up and running, and I know it is a labor of love, but what if it had never come into existence and what if it were to end?

    Worth thinking about for a moment or more, and I would just like to express my appreciation now to John and Jan for the gift of KB-L!"
    Nancie Echeverria, Havasu City, AZ, USA
  • "If each [dog] shopper would follow a list like this for a few weeks, it wouldn't take long for them to make an objective decision [about getting a Kerry Blue Terrier.]"
    Trixie Singer, Evansville, IN
  • "The main thing I've always felt most important is the delivery of the unvarnished truth...the glories and the grief."
    Susan Dunivant at Elf Loch, NC
  • "KerryBlues-L is fabulous [in] bringing people together from across the world that have a common interest, the Kerry Blue Terrier. [...] It is great to share and learn from other Kerry fanciers. "
    Susan Schneider, Woodbridge, VA
  • "This is a truly innovative, interesting, informative, and sympathetic group of people."
    Richard Shea,Washington, DC.
  • "I am an addict! Check my e-mail twice a day for stuff from the KB-L. There's usually something interesting going on. I must also say how much information I've picked up from the conversations. And what a sane bunch the Kerry folk are too. Joined a second list recently as it looked interesting and didn't last 24 hours there were so many dingdongs involved!"
    Barbara Kam, Olympia, Washington, USA
  • "You will enjoy these folks --- it is wonderful!!!"
    June E. Hulit, Wooster, Ohio, USA .
  • "I can't go a day without my KB-L "fix".
    Rick Ellis, Great Falls, VA.
  • "We have learned more about our dogs online than in all the years we have had them."
    Johnny Parsons, San Francisco, CA.
  • "You will enjoy this list. [...] For anyone who loves their Kerry this list is the jackpot. Any question you have regarding the breed will be answered by hundreds of years of combined experience by people who love the breed as much as you"
    Paul and Valerie McCloskey, Riverview, N.B. Canada.
  • "These couple of months I "met" a lot of lovely people that really love the breed they own. [...] Usually the "sport of dogs" is like a battlefield, but at [KerryBlues-L] I've found people from all over the world that helped me [by] sending information, books and even videos.
    Eduardo Angielczyk, Uruguay, South America.
  • "The information you have made available is GREAT. For me and other KB fans, I think your efforts will speed (by months) a more informed choice on the right puppy, with a good understanding [of] our responsibilities. Kudos!!!"
    Brendan Foley, Columbus, Ohio
  • "KB-L is a healthy community, in part because it doesn't allow flaming or vulgarity. Criticism must be constructive, and we are together for common goals - to improve and enjoy our special breed, and to share with others who feel the same way." Rita Lockwood, Oregon
  • "Our web site and KB-List are absolutely the best resource out there!" Linda Grisley, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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The first unofficial standard of the breed is published by the "Bazaar" of Killarney.

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