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Breed Books

Clarke, Egerton.
The Popular Kerry Blue Terrier, 1928.
Popular Dogs Publishing Company, Ltd.
65b, Long Achre, London, W.C.2.

Gardner, Mrs. Katherine "Casey".
Record of K-9 Characteristic, A prerequisite of Breed Research, The Kerry Blue Terrier. (The Kerry Norm), 1964/1965
First printed in Terrier Type 1964.
Book published the following year 1965.This work, now out of print, revolutionized the study of the mechanics of K-9 movement. Mrs. Gardner died on 3 August 1994.
Kennel name "Kerrycroft".

Handy, Violet E.
The Modern Kerry Blue Terrier, circa 1933.
"Our Dogs" Publishing Co. Ltd.
"Our Dogs" Buildings, Manchester 1

Handy, Violet E.
The Modern Kerry Blue Terrier, circa 1947. 46 pp. With frontispiece, 15 plates and text-illustrations.
Reprinted from the original
Milo G. Denlinger, Washington, D.C.

Hutchinson, Walter
Popular & Illustrated Dog Encyclopaedia, Part 29, Kerry Blue Terrier, circa 1934.
Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers), Ltd.
34-36 Paternoster Row, London E.C.4

Izant, Edith
The Kerry Blue Terrier, 1982.
Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd.
Box 76, Fairfax, VA 22030

Johns, Rowland, Editor
Our Friends The Irish and Kerry Blue Terriers, 1935.
Our Friend The Dog Series
Methuen & Co. Ltd.
36 Essex Street W.C., London

Montgomery, E.S.
The Complete Kerry Blue Terrier,
1950. 128 pp.
Illustrated with B/W photos and pen & ink drawings.
Silver Spring, Maryland.

Montgomery, E.S.
The New Complete Kerry Blue Terrier,
2nd Edition. 1st printing 1965. 293 pp. Illustrated.
The New Complete Kerry Blue Terrier,
2nd printing, 1969. 128 pp. illustrated.
Howell Book House
845 Third Ave., New York, NY 10222

Perry, Horace J.
Commentary on the Kerry Blue Terrier Standard,
The Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club, New York

Rathborne, M.F.
The Kerry Blue Terrier,
"The Drogheda Independent" Co., Ltd.
9, Shop Street

Schneider, Earl, Editor.
Know your Kerry Blue TerrierThe Pet Library Ltd..
50 Cooper Square, New York, NY

Schweppe, Frederick
How to raise and train a Kerry Blue Terrier,
T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
211 West Sylvania Avenue. Neptune City, NJ 07753

Schweppe, Frederick
Kerry Blue Terriers
, 1990.
T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
Neptune City, NJ

Williams, Capt. A. Watts
The Kerry Blue Terrier,
circa 1923
Peter Hopwood & Co., Ltd..
17 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.1
Captain A. Watts Williams organized the Blue Terrier Club of England.

Foy, Eileen S.
A Compact Kerry Blue Terrier, 2000
Book review:
ISBN 0-9539462-0-7

Bardi McLennan
Kerry Blue Terrier
Hardcover - 155 pages (November 2002)
Interpet Publishing; ISBN: 1842860283

It is a very well written book that contains lost of both black/white and colour photos.
The book is divided into ten chapters:
* History of the KBT
* Characteristics of the KBT
* Breed standard of for the KBT
* Your puppy KBT
* Everyday care of your KBT
* Training your KBT
* Health care of your KBT
* Your veteran KBT
* Showing your KBT
* Behaviour of your KBT

Catherine Kierans
Unconditional Love: The Human-Canine Relationship, 2007

is a charming book full of facts and great dog stories, with coloured photos to match. The author conducted her own survey of dog owners and offers some insights into why we adopt a dog, feelings about our canine companions and our perceptions about their personalities. The human-canine bond is ex
plored with sensitivity and humour.

Some of these books are available from

Health Books

Compiled by Judith Bruno and others

Pat McKay, Reigning Cats and Dogs, Oscar Publications: home cooking for cats and dogs.

Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD and Susan Hubble Pitcairn, Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, Rodale

Paul Pitchford, Healing with Whole Foods: Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition

Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM, The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, Howell Book House

Juliette de Bairacli Levy, The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat, Faber and Faber

Edmund R. Dorosz, B.S.A., DVM , Let's Cook for our Dog, Our Pets Inc.

Pat Lazarus, Keep your Pet Healthy the Natural Way, Keats Publishing

Cheryl Schwartz DVM , Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs

Diane Stein, The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats, The Crossing Press

Diane Stein, Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats, The Corssing Press

The Well Adjusted Dog, canine chiropractic methods you can do. This book explains how the average dog owner can take control of their pet's health and actually perform a chiropractic adjustment on their dog. The video is also available.

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know by Alexandra Horowitz. This is non-fiction and a fascinating read. It tells us so much that we want to know about what makes our dogs tick. It is only a couple of years old. It was on the bestseller list for over a year. Not a how-to, training, grooming or any of that, but a great scientific study that explains a lot about dogs. Recommended by Sharon Ponsford


Training Books

Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog, by Emma Parsons
Book reviewed by Patty Sontag

I would definitely recommend Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog by
Emma Parsons. If anyone is ever in a position to attend one of her
workshops, they would benefit greatly, since the workshops (and book) teach
you how to:

  • Desensitize your dog to approaching stranger dogs
  • Allow you to grab your dog's collar without him snapping
  • Have your dog perform canine calming signals, instead of aggressive displays, on cue
  • Have your dog turn and give you eye contact whenever another dog approaches, or you tighten on the leash
  • Use your own body language when under stress as a cue for your dog to remain calm
  • And many more creative and effective uses of managing behavior through clicker training

She, herself, had an aggressive golden retriever, Ben, whom she recently lost to cancer.
For more info about her you can check her web site:

You can contact her through her web site link: You can also read about her here: or just google her name, and many links will come up.

I have met her, she is a wonderful person and trainer, very knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior. People are clamoring to get into her Reactive Dog classes. I believe she is available for private consults, and she regularly runs 7 week class sessions in Massachusetts.

I have to agree: often, we characterize a dog as aggressive, when in fact, it is reactive to certain situations, people or other dogs.

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right, by Krista Cantrell.
Book reviewed by Natalia Samaj

This book is based on positive training method, but not clicker.

The book is set of exercises/GAMES to train your kerry the right way, keep
it mentally busy and get a rid of bad habits.

It starts with evaluation of the dog, so owner understands how much work your Kerry requires (as a number of repetitions, the kind of approach, treats vs. toys etc.)

I really love the part about how to get and keep dog's attention. I also like the set of games for tricks you want your dog to perform; from simply looking at you, to obedience. The purpose of everything is explained.

There ar plans for bad habit, such as digging, barking, jumping on
people or shyness.

For people who are interested in energetic massage, there is something to read about "chi" and application for your dog.

I found that many traning books require unfriendly pulling or pushing of the
dog to get results. I absolutely do not agree with using prong collar for traning and especially in puppies, although it is adviced by training schools to "get dog's
attention". If a trainer is not able to show the owner how to get dogs' attention in a friendly way, she shouldn't be called a trainer.

This book has a warning for owners of aggressive dogs and recommend seeing
behaviorist, if owner feels dog can be a danger.

The Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson
Book reviewed by Natalia Samaj

Another gem and "must own" for dog owner. It's a book focused on training based on understading of relationship between dogs and human (especially agressive dogs).

It includes valuable training ideas and also techniques for "mellow" owners and
"problematic" dogs.

Aggression in Dogs, by Brenda Aloff

Practical management, prevention & behavior modification.

It has lots of great pictures, drawings, and good explanations. It's sort of long, but packed with good info.

How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong, by Pamela Dennison

Bringing Light to Shadow, by Pamela Dennison

Fight!, By Jean Donaldson

Mine!, By Jean Donaldson

Dogs are from Neptune, by Jean Donaldson

Dog Language, by Roger Abrantes

Has good pictures, but it is more difficult to see what the eyes & mouth are doing through fall & beard on terriers

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, by Turid Rugaas

This book is commonly know as "calming Signals"
Some websites with book reviews:

Ruff Love: A Relationship Building Program for You and Your Dog, by Susan Garrett.

It's available through Clean Run Productions, at

Don’t Shoot the Dog, by Karen Pryor

"Susan Garrett is a wonderful resource as is Karen Pryor - I still use my beat up little copy of "Don't Shoot the Dog." Sharon Burnett

So Your Dog's Not Lassie, by Betty Fisher and Suzanne Delzio
Subtitle: "Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds."

"I have found it to be very helpful This is one author who gets the realities of breeds like Kerries." Janet G. McCallen

Canine Aggression Workbook, by Michael O'Heare

Dog Speak
"Has a section on dog body language. The sample drawings are of dogs without falls or beards, so on a Kerry you can't always see what the book describes. You have to watch closer for twitches in the nose and lips." Sharon Barbee

"Training Your Dog: A Weekly Program for a Well-Behaved Dog, by Jacqui O'Brien
"She's a British trainer who uses extensive photographs and captions to explain her methods, begining with the pups first day home with foundation training all the way to more advanced skills. Anyway, the book's intro has a section dealing with communicating with your dog and understanding his body language, like when a wagging tail isn't necessarily a good thing. It ends with a section dealing with solving problem behaviors, which include several forms of aggression. I find this book a good basic tool and I believe both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have it. Hope this helps." Kate Larson

GRRRR - Complete Guide to Understanding and Preventing Agressive behavior in Dogs, by Matthew Margolis
"My first and foremost book on Dog Agression. Excellent book on signs and how to identify them plus the 10 different sources of aggression like Fear, Dominant & Territorial! Which we know have a lot to do with TERRIERS." LM Wilkins

Agression in Dogs - Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification, by Brenda Aloff

Dog Training for Dummies, by Jack Volhard, Obedience Trainer
"Has several excellent training books, and a website at He and his wife Wendy have formulated a Canine Personality Profile based on the basic drives of pack, prey, fight, and flight. The Profile is on their website, and I think it's also been reproduced in their books. It's an interesting tool for getting an overall picture of your individual dog, so you can know something about where he's coming from. Answer options are in the form of "almost always/sometimes/hardly ever"--best approach is to answer quickly and not overthink each question." Diane

The Other End of the Leash, by Patricia B. McConnell
"This book is about how dogs interpret our body language and voice tones, and how we MISinterpret theirs. I'm reading this now, and it's fascinating." Diane

The Body Language and Emotions of Dog, by Myrna M. Milani, DVM
"A good and thorough explanation of this topic." Diane

Dog Behavior, by Ian Dunbar
"Dunbar was one of the first to start exploring and explaining this topic, and he's still one of the best." Diane

The Right Dog for You, by Daniel Tortora
" Paperback costing $10.50 at Amazon. A no-nonsense book about the pros & cons of all breeds." Paul O. Gygi

What All Good Dogs Should Know, by Jack Volhard.

So Your Dog's Not Lassie - Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds, by Suzanne Delzio.

Sit Stay Book Store


Terriers & Dogs in General

The Irish Kennel Club, edited by Catherine Osborn
The Native Dogs of Ireland, 1984
The Irish Kennel Club
Fottrel House
23 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, Ireland

King, H.H.
Working Terriers, Badgers and Badger Digging, circa 1931.
The Field
The Field House, Bream's Building, London, E.C.4

Morgan, Bert
Dog Shows
With plenty of Kerry pictures

Redlich, Anna
The Dogs of Ireland, 1949
W. Tempest, Dundalgan Press

Patricia Craige
Born to Win, 1997

Doral Publishing, Inc.
Review by Sue Jeffries

Richard Beauchamp
Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type

Doral Publishing, Inc.
Review by Sue Jeffries

Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wicox, DVM
Successful Dog Breeding, 1997

Wiley Publishers
Review by Sue Jeffries

Ann Seranne
The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog, 2004

Wiley Publishers
Review by Sue Jeffries

Beth Finder Harris
Breeding a Litter; The complete Book of Prenatal and Postnatal Care, 1993

Wiley Publishers
Review by Sue Jeffries

Novels Featuring Kerries

RedpawCase of The Iceland Dogs
A Icelandic Sheepdog~Kerry Blue Terrier story

Published in 1977
Ages 9-14
Out of print, and rare.
Shows up occasionally on Ebay.

Sudden LightSudden Light: Donegal's Novel
Authored by J. A. Greenleaf (Kerry owner), Illustrated by John Quigley
List Price: $14.95, $13.46 for Kerry owners, and $9.99 as an e-book
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
320 pages
Swordpoint Intercontinental, Limited
ISBN-13: 978-0615447957
ISBN-10: 0615447953
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic


To order an autographed hard copy, email J.A. Greenleaf. Mention your Kerry and Joe will give you 10% discount.

There are two Kerries in the book and one on the cover. Part of the book tells a fanciful tale of how the Kerries came to be in Ireland. All fictional, of course, but, "If it isn't true, it should be!" The book covers 400 years of Irish history, as well as the Great Fire of London, cannibals in Borneo, the French Revolution, around the Horn on a Clipper ship, the Wild West, the First World War, the days before Pearl Harbor, as well as the present. There are reincarnations and time-travel. "Something for everyone."

The English army attacks Donegal Castle in Ireland in 1589. The few defenders fight vaingloriously but they are overwhelmed by the English in numbers, weaponry and surprise. Maire and Uilliam are a young, married couple who try to fight off the invaders but are lost when the castle burns. In 1666, Mary Goode is a young girl indentured to the King's Baker. Smelling fire late one night, she sounds the alarm. It is the start of the Great Fire of London. Maire is reincarnated as Mary, but remembers nothing of her past life in Ireland--that is until she meets--and touches--an English gentleman, realizing this overweight, aged, aristocrat is the embodiment of her Uilliam! Uilliam, however, remembers nothing, with tragic consequences. Throughout the next four hundred years, Uilliam and Maire live many other lives, sometimes near in age, sometimes not, and sometimes of other races. If they meet--and touch--Maire remembers all past lives, and, to her chagrin and great sadness, Uilliam has no recollection of Maire or their lives intertwining over the centuries. Borneo, the French Revolution, a clipper ship around the Horn, the American West, the trenches of World War One, the days before Pearl Harbor, crashing across the ages to the present. Maire, now Marisa, is a high-powered American lawyer and Uilliam--Bill--is an ex-convict, now charged with murder. Can she save him? Will she risk her fortune and her very life to rescue him and spirit him away? Will history repeat itself once again for these star-crossed lovers? Will Uilliam ever recognize Maire? Will they ever find one another—and happiness?

J.M. Jeffries
Cupid: The Bewildering Request, 2000
ImaJinn Books

Southern belle lawyer, Merrill Prescott, can't believe she just became legal co-guardian to a Grand Champion Kerry Blue Terrier, Psyche's Folly, worth seventy-five million dollars, but she also has to move in with sexy, hardworking, Jason Stavros to baby-sit the pampered pooch. These are just the beginnings of her troubles. The Gods on high, Jupiter, Venus and Cupid try to manipulate these two mortals into believing they were made for each other. Couple this interference with a pair of greedy dognapping relatives, and Jupiter's secret plan to seduce Merrill for himself. It is up to Venus and Cupid, their reputations at stake, to save the dog and Merrill, while avoiding the wrath of Jupiter. A witty fast read and steamy sensuality between Merrill and Jason. Note: why is a Kerry Blue Terrier (and Psyche's Folly, a Champion) always referred to as a "black dog?"

Report provided by Lonie Ward

Cora Chene
The Case of The Iceland Dogs, 1977
Illustrated by Al Michini
Dodd, Mead & Company, New York

Hannes, a young Icelandic boy, lives with his relatives in the capital city, Reykjavik, where dogs are forbidden by law. Yet Iceland is the home of a distinctive breed of dogs that are considered to be the most intelligent and lovable in the world, this purebred, Iceland dog is rare even in its own country. On his Uncle's distant farm, Hannes, through carelessness, had been responsible for the death of a female Iceland dog and her litter. Grieved by guilt, Hannes vowed to find a new mate for his Uncle's remaining Iceland sheep dog, Samur. His Aunt forbade Hannes from even speaking about dogs, but she hadn't forbidden walking dogs. Hannes finds a secret friend, Patrick, a Kerry Blue Terrier puppy, owned by an American diplomat, who was given special permission to keep a dog in the capital. The American gives Hannes permission to walk Patrick whenever the boy wants. Still, Hannes years for his beloved Iceland dog, Samur, far away on the farm. When he hears that a man somewhere in the country was breeding Iceland dogs, it seemed that running away to find one was the thing to do. No one would miss him anyway......
A picturesque journey through Icelandic culture, from the Norwegian Vikings who settled there a thousand years ago and relating their still rich literature and traditions.

Report provided by Lonie Ward

Benary-Isbert, Margot
The Wicked Enchantment. 1955.
Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc..
New York

The medieval town of Vogelsang, is in the middle of Germany, on the road between Nowhere and Somewhere. Vogelsang means Birdsong, because for centuries singing birds flock there to nest. Anemone and her Kerry Blue Terrier, Winnie have to run away from home, because of the wicked housekeeper and her nasty son, the widowed father had hired, being so cruel to she and the Kerry. They take refuge with Aunt Gundula, a very remarkable person who had been Anemon's mother's dearest friend. Strange and disturbing things begin happening around the town's cathedral, even the songbirds, who had always been welcomed, were being caught in nets. The last straw for Aunt Gundula, who painted the most beautiful of all Easter eggs, was when the Mayor forbid their sale. With the help of Gundula's cat, mouse and parrot, they discover the root of all the trouble, after Anemone and Winnie join the traveling circus in town, with Winnie as the star attraction. Subtle humor, skillful characterization, interwoven with present day and ancient legend, the story keeps the reader in mounting suspense.

Report provided by Lonie Ward

Cregan, Mairin.
Old John. 1936.
The Macmillan Company
New York

Corcoran, Barbara.
Me and you and a dog named Blue. 1979.
New York

Ms. Corcoran is a prolific Children's book author who often includes dogs in the storyline. In this novel though, it's clear that not enough research was expended on how a Kerry Blue is groomed, clip and pluck the fur is certainly not how a Kerry coat is trimmed. The story is about Maggie, who excels in high school baseball, and the only girl on the varsity team. Maggie is befriended by CoCo Rainbolt, a wealthy lady who breeds and shows Kerries. CoCo, much to Maggie's surprise, gives her a gift of a young Kerry, who the breeder explains, is too small to qualify as a show prospect. Maggie names the dog "Blue." CoCo then offers Maggie a summer job at her kennel, and a promise to go on the next show circuit as an assistant. Everyone is meddling in Maggie's life it seems, and the girl's only dream is to be a professional baseball player. Although the Kerry is featured throughout the story, the ending will probably upset most all fanciers of the breed, many will perhaps throw the book across the room in frustration. The title is borrowed from a song by Kent "Lobo" Lavoie.

Report provided by Lonie Ward

Clymer, Eleanor, Illustrated by Ingrid Fetz
Sociable Toby. 1956.
Franklin Watts, Inc.
699 Madison Avenue, New York

Sociable Toby, A Book Review and Comments By Randy A. Hayes

MacDonald, Golden
Illustrated by Weisgard, Leonard
Big Dog Little Dog. 1943.
Doubleday, Doran & Co, Inc.
Garden City, New York

A simple children's story, beautifully illustrated, about a Father Dog and his little Son. Whatever they did, they did together. They even ate together, only the big dog had a big dish and the little dog had a little dish. The big dog ate big bones and the little dog ate little bones. The big dog took care of the little dog and the little dog kept right at his heels. One day big dog takes little dog into town for a walk, and oh the exciting things that each one sees, the noises, and new adventures for little dog, an elephant, a fire engine and even a battleship. Little dog goes "yip, yip, yip" at everything new, but nothing barked back. Finally big dog and little dog meet another little floppy-eared dog. The two little dogs played together all afternoon while big dog sat in the sun and watched, until little dog was so tired that big dog took him back home.

Report provided by Lonie Ward

Musgrave, Florence
Dogs In The Family. 1952.
Houghton Mifflin Company
The Riverside Press
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Darling, Kathy
ABC Dogs. 1997
Walker and Company
435 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

A childrens book featuring an alphabet of dogs with photos taken by Tara Darling. The highpoint of the book, as usual, is the letter K.

Tice, Clara
ABCDogs, 1995
Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated
New York
A Times Mirror Company

A Facsimile Edition of a book originally published in 1940.
An alphabet book for dog lovers featuring appropriate drawings and a brief story description of each breed used. The high point of the book is the letter K, featuring the Kerry Blue.

Novels Featuring Animals

Read any good books lately?

By Judi Young

In the April 2012 edition of the KBTF Newsletter What’s New, our Something Borrowed section asked the question “Read any good books lately?” We focused on books that were not training, grooming, behavioral books but rather just fun reading. Apparently many KBT lovers enjoy reading books about dogs (and other animals) just as I do. Here are some of the books that were recommended by your fellow readers, including some books that there simply was not space for in the newsletter. Find a warm spot in the sun, grab a “cuppa” tea, put your feet up and enjoy a good book. What pleasure!

The Good Good Pig bySy Montgomery

One of my favorite books does not feature a dog, but a pig. The dog, a rescue, is a member of the household, but it is Christopher Hogwood who takes center stage. A real treat.

Recommended by Joanna Nevesny

The Crossing
by Cormac McCarthy.

There are lots of dogs, and horses, in this novel, but my favorite story is about the she-wolf that the young man comes across on his travels. Although it has evaded capture by many, he manages to catch the wolf and rather than kill her decides to return her to Mexico, which is where she came from. It's heavy duty. There are some Airedales in it too, I recall.

Recommended by Sharon Ponsford

The Thin Man
by Dashiell Hammett

There is the classic Asta, pampered pooch of Dashiell Hammett's Nick and Nora Charles in "The Thin Man". The Asta everyone knows from the movie is a Wire Fox Terrier, but in the book he is, if I recall right, a Miniature Schnauzer.

Recommended by Joanna Nevesny

A Land Remembered
by Patrick D Smith
Published 1984 by Pineapple Express

My book club just finished a book set in southwest Florida about 3 generations of a family that came to Florida from Georgia during the Civil War. An important part of their success in herding cattle (and amassing their fortune) was their acquiring 2 dogs from the Indians that lived in the glades.

Recommended by Jan and Indigo who likes to snuggle next to me on the couch while I'm deeply engrossed in a good book!

Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home
by Rupert Sheldrake

A most interesting book: One of his examples is the dog belonging to an RAF pilot that always met his incoming plane except one day when the dog went inexplicably to another distant runway. Turns out that the plane had been directed there for some reason that one time - and the dog knew!

Recommended by Joanne Nevesny (now a lurker without Mickey), San Francisco

A Dog's Purpose
by W. Bruce Cameron.

It's about a dog's difficult journey through several incarnations to find his purpose in life, his happy ending. Definitely worthwhile reading for dog lovers though very sad in parts. Sort of a dog's perspective on that universal question "why are we here?"

Recommended by Anne Corke

Play Dead
by David Rosenfelt.

Great mystery with dogs at the core. This is just one of several books by this author, all which feature an attorney who specializes in representing dogs, his dog, a great mystery and lots of laughs in each book.

Recommended by Janet McCallen

Dog Tags
by David Rosenfelt
Another great mystery by the same author as above. In this book the attorney/hero must represent the dog that is also a petty thief and has witnessed a murder. And by the way the dog ran off with the evidence that just might clear his owner, a former military veteran! Recommended by Judi Young

Travels with Charlie
by John Steinbeck.

This is an old book, but a very charming non-fiction book about the author and his standard poodle, Charley, traveling across the country. It is about the people they meet and things that they do and is altogether an interesting book.

Recommended by Sharon Ponsford, Glen Ellen, CA

You Are Dog
by Terry Bain.

This is one of my personal favorites. It is life through the eyes of man’s best friend. It talks about things like the dreaded vacuum, explains why the dog never eats his treats while you are out, discusses the importance of beds in a dogs’ world, and what a shopping trip to the pet store really looks like to your dog. It explores from the dog’s perspective all things human and makes a lot of sense when you see it from your dog’s eyes. Delightful.

Recommended by Judi Young

Tell Me Where It Hurts
by Dr. Nick Trout

From the frontlines of modern medicine, Tell Me Where It Hurts is a fascinating insider portrait of a veterinarian, his furry patients, and the blend of old-fashioned instincts and cutting-edge technology that defines pet care in the 21st century. Dr. Trout takes the listener on a vicarious journey through 24 intimate, heartrending hours in his life. His wry, companionable voice offers enlightening and engaging anecdotes about cuddly (or not-so-cuddly) pets and their variously zany, desperate, and demanding owners. If you've ever had a pet or special place in your heart for furry friends, Dr. Trout's inspiring account of loving and healing animals is for you.

Recommended by Eileen Andrade CA

Stalking the Dragon
by Mike Resnick

This one isn't about dogs, but about Dragon Shows at “Eastminster” and is hilarious, with so many things we conformation people can relate to:
It's Valentine's Day and private detective John Justin Mallory is planning on closing up the office early and taking his partner, Col. Winnifred Carruthers, out to dinner, since he's sure no one else will do so. But before he can turn off the lights and lock the door, a panic-stricken Buffalo Bill Brody visits them. It seems that the Eastminster Pet Show is being held the next day, and his dragon, Fluffy, the heavy favorite, has been kidnapped. Mallory has only one night to find a tiny dragon that's hidden somewhere in a city of seven million. I most highly recommend Stalking the Dragon if you follow the dog shows!! Hilarious

Recommended by Eileen Andrade

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

There were two recommendations for this book. Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents and an unusual breed of dogs on their farm in remote northern Wisconsin. But when tragedy strikes, the Sawtelle family, Edgar flees to the surrounding wilderness. He comes of age in the wild, fighting for his survival and that of the three yearling dogs that follow him. It is a long engrossing story with something for everyone, including a murder. One person said “I loved this book”. Another person said it’s “very good but not a read when depressed”.

Recommended by Eileen Andrade, CA and Sharon Ponsford, CA

The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild
by Lawrence Anthony.

It’s not about dogs at all, but you personally may like to read it. The author has just died here in South Africa and quite a funeral it was apparently - even mentioned on our TV. Lawrence Anthony was the man responsible for going into Iraq during the fighting and rescuing the animals from the Zoo and Babylon’s Ark: the Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo is his book on that subject. The Elephant Whisperer is all about bringing elephants into the game park that he owns down in Natal. Very moving and so well written.

Recommended by Margaret O'Carroll, South Africa

Until Tuesday: the Story of a Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever who Saved Him
by Luis Carlos Montalvan and Bret Witter

This inspirational book is all about a Golden Retriever who became a service dog to an Iraq war veteran. It tells how the retriever names “Tuesday” (no one knows how he got that name) bonds with and brings back to normal life a troubled veteran. While it is difficult to read at times, it is a beautiful story of hope, trust and restoration of faith. Recommended by Margret O’Carroll, South Africa and Judi Young

And the Number one book recommended by your fellow KBT lovers:

by Garth Stein

This one is very special and wonderful!

This book about Enzo the dog (Enzo hopes he is a terrier) and his human partner, an aspiring race car driver got four strong recommendations from Lisa Avery-Dabe (owned by Bell Blue, a 2 yr. old KBT) Columbia SC, Sharon Ponsford, Eileen Andrade, and Judi Young.

The book is narrated by a dog, Enzo, who is impossible not to fall in love with. Enzo knows from what he's learned from watching television that, being now a canine, he has advanced enough so that he will come back next time around as a human. It’s a heartfelt fiction about a dog and his man. Written from the dogs perspective it is both humorous and sorrowful as the reader gains insight into both the dog’s life and the human lives around him. Great read! Have lots of tissues on hand. It is a book of joy, love, some sadness, and great hope.

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