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Over the years people have sent me some unusual video tapes. They range from the funny to the dead serious.

I keep a list of people who want to borrow these tapes. To add your name to the list you must commit to mail the tape, within a week of receiving it, to the next address on the list. Just send me, John Van den Bergh <>, your mailing address and I will add you to the "tape train". Some tapes may take many months to reach you. I will keep you informed about it's progress.

While this service is free, many tapes are "lost in the mail". May we ask you for a tax-deductable donation to the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation to cover our costs?

Alfred Hitchcock's TV episodes is "The Kerry Blue"

Motion-picture director best known for suspenseful films, with humorous touches, of such immense popularity that his name became as great an attraction as a star's.

He grew up in London where he mad his first films in the 1920s and 30s. In 19940 he moved to Hollywood in 1940 where he won his first Academy Award for the best picture with Rebecca.

Hitchcock, who made a fleeting appearance in each of his films, increased his own celebrity through several popular television series in the 1950s and '60s, which he introduced and sometimes directed.

One of these TV episodes is "The Kerry Blue". It was episode #257 season 7, 4/17/62 .

Daryl Enstone has been kind enough to provide us with several copies of the video tape.

Sample frames

Kal Kan Commercial

In 1982 Pedigree, then known as Kal Kan, made a commercial with Ray Perry and his Kerries. The featured dog's name is Ch. Tontine's Spellbound, alias "The Kid".

The video was filmed along Lake Matthews in Southern California.

Thanks to Lou Perry and Marilyn Garrett we have a copy of the commercial for your viewing.

Sample frames

Crufts 2000

Crufts is the world's greatest dog show with over 21,000 top pedigree dogs competing to achieve the title of "Best In Show", the most prestigious award in the world of dogs. It is held in England.

A Kerry Blue named Ch Torum's Scarf Michael, bred & owned by Ron Ramsay won best in show.

Thanks to Rich Basler we have a copy of the show's highlights.

Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson is the first black singer ever to perform with the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. She is, in essence, the Jackie Robinson of the opera world. She was a phenomenal talent and a huge star since 1935 but because of the then prevailing racial issues it took the Met many years to invite her to sing. She finally made her Met debut in 1955. She died in 1993 at the age of 96.

She wrote an autobiography, My Lord, What a Morning (1957). Allan Keiler (Professor of Music, Brandeis University), her biographer, informed us that she DID in fact own two Kerry Blue Terriers. One was named Falla, after President Roosevelt's dog and the other was named Fenon. Mrs. Roosevelt was instrumental in her breakthrough into an all-white opera world. Ms. Anderson sang many times at the White House.

She is acclaimed for her work in behalf of black people and for her warmth of personality as well as for her professional work. She was a delegate to the United Nations.

Back in 1965 and after, there was a Kerry breeder who lived in Westchester, NY who was a good friend of Marian Anderson. Ms. Anderson was in love with the breed and every year after the Empire Specialty which, at that time was at the Westchester Kennel Club Show, came to the after-show party at the beautiful home of Jean & Buzz Seward. Many of us met her at that time - she was a delightful character.

Anderson is a bona fide American Heroine and a spectacular artist who shared our love for the Kerry Blue Terrier.

Ed Cardona has been kind enough to provide us with a rare CD recording of Marian Anderson's work.

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