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Web Site Accolades

Unsolicited praise, quoted with permission.

  • I would like to "Thank You All" , for the wonderful work you do to inform everyone with an interest in Kerry Blue Terriers, on the care of Kerry Blues, health and behaviour issues, rescue efforts, and updates, genetic information, as well as all of the current dog world issues, and information. This is such a model foundation, and website, that I can't believe that other breed groups are not jumping to follow its ideals, and pattern. This website helps us all keep up with current information, to benefit our breed. It is so important to also be able to reclaim, and responsibly rescue, these wonderful animals we take on the responsibility to breed and promote in the world. Once again "Thank You All".
    Susan Hurtak, Alberta, Canada
  • "This site is still not only the best Kerry site but also a great source of new information in general. Keep up the good work.
    Darko Korosec, Slovenia
  • "I just love this website. You have done such a wonderful job."
    Barbara Price, Topgun Kerries, TN, USA
  • "The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation is the MOST phenomenal resource for a purebred fancy online that DigitalDog has ever seen! From support services to groomers, trainers to a strict code of ethics from breeders (with the wherewithal to agree to them) and rescue support, it is clearly a resource that EVERY breed deserves and few (if any) others have. Prior to getting a Kerry Blue, even before you worry about the information on the US Kerry Blue Terrier Club website or talking to a breeder or anything, you MUST visit the Kerry Blue Foundation if you are remotely serious about loving this breed." DigitalDog Publishers
  • "It's the best site of any dog breed on the web!"
    Brian & Melissa Kearns, New Jersey, USA
  • "Your Kerry site is about as near perfection as I've ever seen for a breed information site! Kudos to you and the Kerry Blue Foundation." Lydia Kearney
  • " I am very far away from your good work. I often mention to people to view your website. Its so informative on all aspects of Kerries."
    Margaret O'Carroll, South Africa
  • "[You have] set the bar high and other sites have had to follow suit to keep up. Kerry sites are the most useful and informative on the web. Don't believe me? Try looking up information on any other breed. You get little snippets here and their but never all in one place! [...]Keep up the good work guys!"
    Barb J Thompson, Canada
  • "You have brought kerry owners together throughout the world with your informative web site. We all love our dogs and thanks to you, our knowledge of the breed increases and our kerries benefit."
    Mike Fox, New Zealand
  • "An EXCELLENT site! [...] Its so refreshing to find a site about a breed which is reputedly very difficult to train, which doesn't say 'the breed is difficult to train so don't bother.' which is what happens with so many. So this is just a thumbs up from a British trainer!" Paddy Driscoll, Lincoln, England
  • "I have sent many wheaten friends to the Kerry web site and they were amazed at what a wonderful site it was. It is wonderful blend of everything from very informative to fun...I love it." Marie DeMarco, MO
  • "VERY nice! And very easy to navigate. Beautiful pictures, too! Great job!" Pat & Bill Sontag, MA
  • "It was your site which helped me make up my mind which breed to go for." Peter Rose, Groomer, Glasgow, Scotland
  • "Concerning Kerries your page is N0.1." Zuzana Ciganikova, Slovakia
  • "I very much appreciated the resource of the KBT web site, the sample questionnaires, sample contracts and the support." Nancy McMillan, Canada
  • "I just wanted to write you to thank you for maintaining such a fantastic web site. [...] I have checked out other breed web sites and none of them compare! Your web site has easily been THE most valuable and frequently referred to resource that I have!" Tamara E.K. Shawa, Canada
  • The ultimate Kerry web site. Well done, USA. Diane Ridd, South Wales, UK.
  • "Great site; a lot of information. Keep up the good work." Alice Bathoorn, The Netherlands
  • "I am tickled that this web site exists! " Diane Stroud, USA
  • "Wonderful website, full of information, pictures, funny Jokes, grooming tips, etc! Best Kerry Blue Terrier website I've ever visited!" Sara McLaren, USA
  • "Thanks, the information provided on this site has truely been helpful." Harry Booker, USA
  • "Thank you for the webiste which I am referring to constantly!!!" Mare Dianora, New York, USA
  • "I am already becoming addicted to it! It's great and so much fun to see/learn about our dearest kerries. Keep it up that way." Fita Blanco, The Netherlands
  • "I check the website frequently. [...] I enjoy reading all the news about KBTs in general, and updates on rescues and other fuzzy family members. Kerries are a part of my daily life. Reading about them, sharing emails with people who share the love and laughter they give us, and the tears, allows me to feel part of a community that is always there for me." Rita Lockwood, Oregon , USA
  • "I visit it at least once a week. As a first -time Kerry owner, it has been invaluable." Nancy Assero, Maryland , USA
  • "An excellent service!" Marian Moses, Reno, Nevada, USA
  • "Our web site and KB-List are absolutely the best resource out there!" Linda Grisley, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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