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Camelot, The Prime Suspect


My name is Camelot and I am 7 years old...I have a little niece who lives with me...her name is Chanel...she is 5 years old...we love each other so much...and we love to play with each other...I also let her sneak a bite or two from my little doggie bowl...she gets a kick out of that...she thinks I have different food in my bowl... but Chelo gives us the same food...Chanel is silly...but I love her! Tom and Chelo are our "mom and dad"...we love them so very much and they simply adore the two of lucky we are to have such great "parents".

I love to counter-surf and I think Chelo loves to see me in action....she sometimes leaves morsels on the counter so I can do "my thing"...she loves to see my have a little fun.

A few months ago Tom and Chelo took me to the Vet as my nose was turning gray...they found out I had skin cancer...I had a few chemo treatments, am taking an amino acid to boost my immune system and am not doing good as the cancer has spread to my lumph nodes...I'm still a feisty kerry and still feeling good...I have not lost any weight...on the contrary I gained 1 pound in the last month...think it's because of my counter-surfing... and getting into the garbage when Chelo isn't looking...

Just the other day I was in the kitchen and Tom and Chanel were out and it was Chelo in the den who heard a noise and immediately came into the kitchen and caught me red-handed...I had knocked down the kerry kookie jar Chelo has on a foot stool, lifted the lid and helped myself to most of the goodies in the jar...(fotos below)...I had the time of my life...below if the proof...darn...caught again!

Chelo laughed and didn't even reprimand me...

I am still up to my kerry antiks and want to always be remembered as a kerry kounter surfer, kerry klepto and kerry kookie junkie... I have a short road ahead of me and Chelo will accompany me on my last journey into doggie heaven...please...ALL remember me as a kerry that had 7 wonderful years in Chelo and Tom's household which I shared with my beloved niece Chanel.

My love...camelot...the prime suspect!


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