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​Saxon Blue’s Teacup Tales: The King's Creek Canyon Caper 10 March 2018
by Douglas White

A true story about a Kerry Blue Terrier with an urge to acquaint himself with mountain goats.

"Maeveen" of the Monastery 01 April 2016
by Roland B. Pemberton

"What Thou Lov'st Well 02 April 2016
by Jon Hechtman

A Blind Man's Kerry 02 April 2016
by Lonie Ward

A Dog in Heaven 01 April 2016

An old man and his dog were walking down a dirt road with fences on both sides. They came to a gate in the fence and looked in. It was nice, with grassy, woodsy areas-just what a huntin' dog and man would like-but it had a sign saying, "No Trespassing," so they walked on.

A Dog's Diary 02 April 2016
by Marie Demarco

5:30 a.m. - Started the day as a hero! When the sound of the newspaper hitting the driveway roused me...

A Fairytale 02 April 2016
by Kathlyn Ericksen

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago in a far away country called Tarryland...

A Kerry Pointer? 01 April 2016

Allie, My Therapy Kerry 01 April 2016
by Marilyn Stephens

Are We There Yet?Traveling with your Kerry 16 March 2016
by Randy Hayes

Camelot, The Prime Suspect 03 April 2016
by Chelo Lewter

My name is Camelot and I am 7 years old...

Cougar Attack 03 April 2016
by George Akins

February 10, 1998 was not a good day. I was recovering from the flu and on antibiotics for incipient pneumonia, but Katie and Corrigan need their daily walk...

Country Kerries 03 April 2016
by Charlotte Crosswhite

Even though we're not farming per se we're pretty close to the farm life here...

Did Michael Collins Achieve His Goal for Kerries After All? 04 March 2017
by R.M. Echols

​Michael Collins was a hero of the Irish War of Independence and a passionate fancier of the Kerry (or Irish) Blue Terrier dog breed. In this article, we'll take a close look at Collins himself, his background, actions and writings, as well as his dealings with Irish Blues. Next we'll examine his hopes for boosting the status of the Blue Terrier in his native Ireland, and we'll examine (as best we can) the aftermath and outcome of those efforts. Subsequently, and this will likely be old news for most readers of this posts, we'll detail the temperament of the Kerry Blue Terrier, delineating the most notable traits and characteristics of this beloved breed. Finally, we'll examine some of the last writing of Mr. Collins as regards his hoped for Irish national temperament, and we'll see whether that temperament is manifest at all within the breed of dog we all treasure so much.

Foundation Puppy Mill Rescue Success Stories 04 April 2016

Read about Foundation Puppy Mill Rescue Success Stories

Going Postal 03 April 2016
by Sharon Burnett

Lately I have been more forgetful than normal so I make lists...

Greetings and hallucinations from just north of Fantasy Land (Washington, DC)! 03 April 2016

When you see the posts of Paul D. Motzenbecker, the human lackey and Aloysius and Bridgett, the Kerry Blue Terriers, you must slow down enough to enjoy the humor in their musings...

How Kerries Heal 16 March 2016

How Kerries Heal

How to give a cat a pill 03 April 2016

Pick the cat up & cradle in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby....

Indy A Kerry Story 04 April 2016
by Tom & Marie Kuehl

Our Kerry's name is Indy. When we adopted him as a 10 week old puppy..

Is Fostering a Kerry Worth the Effort? 04 April 2016

There have been many articles about the amazing abilities of dogs to...

Jamie, the Protector 04 April 2016
by Rita Lockwood

For several months now I have noticed that occasionally when Jamie and I have been out, he's very wary when we come home...

Joey 1 28 July 2017
by Bob Echols

A delightful short biography of a Kerry named Joey 1 who enjoyed hunting flies.
Written by his owner

Kerry Anecdotes 04 April 2016

A collection of snapshots of life with a Kerry Blue Terrier.

Kerry Blue Terrier Fiction 16 March 2016

Read Kerry Blue Terrier Fiction

Kerry Blue Terrier Seasonal Stories 16 March 2016

Kerry Blue Terrier Seasonal Stories

Kerry Blue Terrier Travel Stories 16 March 2016

Read Kerry Blue Terrier Travel Stories

Kerry Dogtors 08 April 2016

There have been many articles about the amazing abilities of dogs to sniff out cancers and infections, to warn of impending epileptic seizures, low blood sugar, migraine headaches or even heart attacks...

Liam the Kerry Blue Horse Therapist 02 August 2018
by Deb Harper

Benson, a wild horse, gets adoption therapy from a Kerry Blue Terrier named. Liam

Murphy, the International Kerry 08 April 2016
by Julie Thompson

At age 2 1/2 he took very well the adventure of getting into a plane and travel half the world, for almost 2 days, to Kuwait...

My Deaf Mum's Kerry 08 April 2016
by Nuala Morrow

How a Kerry Blue learned to communicate with a deaf person.

My Kerry & Me 16 March 2016

My Kerry & Me, The story of a Kerry

My Kerry Skunk Story 08 April 2016
by Daniel W. McCrackin

A skunk out of the bushes and Zack pounced on the critter and got a face full of Skunk Spray... Read the full story...

My Kerry, Onyx has cancer 08 April 2016
by Tim Cunningham

My Life with Finian 08 April 2016
by Sharon Ponsford

Finian joined our household at the age of ten weeks right before Christmas in 1998...

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 05 January 2018
by Linda deLeon

Jamie, the Kerry Blue, makes some New Year's resolutions.
He suggests we might want to consider them too!

My Uncle Camelot 08 April 2016
by Chelo Lewter

My name is Chanel and I am 5 years old in 1999 I came to live in Tennessee with Chelo, Tom and Camelot...

Orion's Squirrel Story 08 April 2016
by Cynthia Andrews

A bizarre squirrel story concerning my 2-year old Kerry Blue

Otto in an Auto Accident 08 April 2016
by Carol Moerth

On Christmas Day 2003, we were en-route to the cottage for a big family turkey dinner when our car was hit by a truck that failed to stop at a stop sign on a highway...

Outsmarted by a Kerry 08 April 2016
by June Hulit

How a Kerry outsmarted a human...

Over the Hills and Far Away 02 August 2018
by Doug White

A story about a runaway Kerry in the foothills of Alberta

Puppy Mill Story 08 April 2016
by J. Ellis

I don't remember much from the place I was born. It was cramped and dark, and we were never played with by the humans...

Puppy Purchase 08 April 2016
by Kathy Ericksen

A puppy purchase story that will touch your heart.

Reflections on Rescue 08 April 2016

Read stories and reflections on rescues.

Rescue on Christmas 08 April 2016
by Linda Grisley

Twas the night before Xmas when all thru the house, Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...

RV Travel with your Dog 08 April 2016

Here are some tips to make your RV travel with dogs more enjoyable...

Screaming Mimine 08 April 2016
by Michael McCarthy

Cat and dog story...

Sociable Toby 08 April 2016
by Randy A. Hayes

Sociable Toby was written in the mid-1950's. It describes the time when many little communities were changing from large, frame multigenerational homes to smaller single generational homes. It was also a time when electricity was first available, both for the new homes, with their electric refrigerators and heating systems, as well as the older homes, with their ice-boxes, kerosene lamps and coal stoves.

Spike and the Pub Dog 08 April 2016
by Rod Bull, (

We used to live in a remote village in eastern England. Spike was about 5 years old at the time of this story...

Spike, the Usher 08 April 2016
by Rod Bull, (

Our Kerry Spike had a number of habits which were both embarrassing and funny in turn...

Stories about Kerries and other Animals 16 March 2016

Read Stories about Kerries and other Animals...

Stories about Kerries in Ireland and England 16 March 2016

Stories about Kerries in Ireland and England

Stories about Kerry Loss 16 March 2016

Read Stories about Kerry Loss

Stories about Life with a Kerry Blue 16 March 2016

Stories about Life with a Kerry Blue

Stories Written by Kerries 16 March 2016

Stories Written by Kerries

Tale of Travel Terror + a Happy Ending! 08 April 2016
by Pat Shepard

This is a story about our female Kerry, Roxy, who was 3.5 years old at the time it all happened...

Ten Christmases with a Kerry 24 November 2017
by Andrew Boyett

Andrew Boyett's winsome look back over ten Christmases with a Kerry Blue Terrier in his family.

The Barge Kerries of Holland 08 April 2016
by John Van den Bergh

This story is about two Kerries who live on barges...

The Impossible Litter: Postpartum Blues! 08 April 2016
by Janet Joers

I think if more people understood what could happen, they'd think twice about breeding. I ruminated on it a long time, read plenty, and decided to go ahead...

The Impossible Whelping: A Birthday to Remember! 08 April 2016
by Janet Joers

I've been told by a very active Wheaten breeder that what happened to me with this litter is statistically impossible! So if any of you are thinking of breeding, please read on!

The Invader 08 April 2016
by Sharon Burnett

I'll face snakes, lizards, rodents of any kind - but a spider.

The Kerry Bird-Dog 08 April 2016
by Natalia Samajova

Bianca is one of those good-natured, obedience-trained Kerries who enjoys running in the park sniffing after squirrels, and playing with other dogs. But she's never displayed any particular hunting instincts....

The Old Kerry 08 April 2016
by Rod Bull

The Old Kerry lay in front of the log fire, as the November wind whistled outside and the rain pattered on the window...

The Story of John Doe Is Fostering a Kerry Worth the Effort? 08 April 2016
by Rita Lockwood

Here is a series of short stories about the impact Kerrries have on people.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Colorado Trio 23 January 2017
by Linda deLeon, KBTF Education Director

Update on the rescue of 3 Kerry Blue Terriers by the KBT Foundation from deplorable conditions in a Colorado puppy mill.

Why I Think We're "Related by Dog" 08 April 2016
by Kathy Davieds

As every dog owner knows, the sad times come. Diagnostic results were in...

Will Your Kerry Be Your Valentine? 25 January 2018
by Linda deLeon

Some single people are “self-gifting" on Valentine's Day, while others celebrate the love they share with their furry companions.
Linda deLeon explores our dogs and Valentine's gifting.

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