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Who Wants To Be a Kerryonaire?


Relax, put on your thinking cap and lets play

"Who Wants To Be a Kerryonaire?

Adapted from Kerry Blue Notes, the club publication of the KBTC of Canada

Many of you, I'm sure, have watched the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" on ABC. Here is your opportunity to test your Kerry knowledge. The questions get progressively harder.

You have three life lines. Clicking on LIFE LINE takes you to a page in the KBT web site where the k-answer is buried. When you want to continue with the game, click on BACK in your browser window. Not all questions have LIFE LINES.

Good Luck!

Lets Play!

For $100

1. The AKC places the Kerry Blue in which of the following groups?

  • a. Working
  • b. Terrier
  • c. Hunting
  • d. Fighting

For $200

2. How many Kerries does it take to change a light bulb?

  • a. 1
  • b. 2
  • c. 3
  • d. 4

Life Line

For $300

3. The Montgomery County dog show is held in what month of the year?

  • a. January
  • b. February
  • c. September
  • d. October

For $500

4. When are Kerries docked?

  • a. At birth
  • b. Second day
  • c. Third day
  • d. First week
Life Line

For $1,000

5. When was the KBL Newslist started?

  • a. 1992
  • b. 1996
  • c. 1997
  • d. Soon after Al Gore invented the Internet

Life Line

Congratulations, you made it to the $1000 level. Remember, you can only use three life lines.

For $2,000

6. "Brocaire Gorm" is the Irish word for Kerry Blue Terrier. "Brocaire" means Terrier. What does "Gorm" mean?

  • a. County Kerry
  • b. Blue
  • c. Working Dog
  • d. Badger

Life Line

For $4,000

7. When did the first Kerries appear in US dog shows?

  • a. 1910s
  • b. 1920s
  • c. 1930s
  • d. 1940s

Life Line

For $8,000

8. In what year was the USKBTC established?

  • a. 1926
  • b. 1930
  • c. 1940
  • d. 1952

For $16,000

9. In what war were Kerries put in service by the Canine Corps?

  • a. WW I
  • b. WW II
  • c. Gulf War
  • d. Never

For $32,000

10. What movie star did NOT own a Kerry?

  • a. Mickey Rooney
  • b. John Mitchem
  • c. Alfred Hitchcock
  • d. Doris Day

Life Line

For $64,000

11. Extremely small Kerries are called

  • a. Tea cup Kerries
  • b. Ceskys
  • c. Runts
  • d. Miniature Kerries

Life Line

For $125,000

12. Which of these four boxers did NOT have a Kerry?

  • a. Henry Cooper
  • b. Harry Greb
  • c. Jack Dempsey
  • d. Gene Tunney

Life Line

For $250,000

13. In astrology the dog star is called?

  • a. Ursa Major
  • b. Phygius
  • c. Sirius
  • d. Canis

For $500,000

14. In Egyptian mythology the dog is the symbol of

  • a. Divinity
  • b. Good harvest
  • c. Longevity
  • d. Loyalty


15. Every Kerry possesses how many pairs of chromosomes?

  • a. 39
  • b. 40
  • c. 26
  • d. 18

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