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A Decisive Test for Judging Temperament 10 March 2016
by Lonie Ward

Kerry Puppies
Kerry Blue Puppies
The most important single trait that breeders strive for is sound temperament. Whether a Kerry (or any breed of dog) is a perfect conformation specimen or just a pet, the enjoyment of that animal boils down to one characteristic: its disposition

Are Kerries Good With Kids? A Summary of Communications on the Kerry Blue Newslist 10 March 2016
by Randy A. Hayes

Kerries and Kids: Do the two get along? For the most part, the unreserved response of the newslist is "Yes." There are several caveats mentioned, however.

Got a Sneaky Dog Stealing Food? (Link) 02 July 2016
by Linda P. Case, MS

Studies show that dogs can make decisions based on what they think humans know or see.
This type of learning is considered to be a higher-level cognitive process because it requires “perspective-taking”– meaning that the dog is able to view a situation through the perspective of the human, and can then make decisions according to what that individual is aware of. The import of this type of thinking is that it reveals at least a rudimentary “theory of mind” – the ability to consider what another individual knows or may be thinking.

How to Introduce a Dog and a Cat - Start Them Out Right With Unhurried Introductions 10 March 2016

You can mitigate problems between cats and dogs with proper introductions. Most people tend to rush introductions between the two species instead of letting them become used to each other. Try the following steps to ensure a happy future together

Is the Kerry a Dog for You? 10 March 2016
by Lisa Frankland

17 to 21 inches, 30-45 lbs. The Kerry Blue's coat is non-shedding, but requires lots of maintenance. The Kerry is extremely intelligent, hence requires training. They are good with people and other animals, although dog aggression is common, particularly between males. Kerries are not good as kennel or outside dogs. The Kerry has few health problems and is perfect for people with allergies.

John Lawson on Kerry Blue Terriers 10 March 2016
by John Lawson

Kerry Blue characteristics

Kerry Blue Description in One Word 10 March 2016

The list of descriptions is a good way to learn more about the temperament of these dogs.

Temperament and Personality 10 March 2016
by Daryl Enstone

List of traits for a Kerry and a Kerry Owner.

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