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A Housetraining Primer 06 May 2016
by C.C. Holland

With a little patience and preparation you can teach your new dog appropriate potty habits.

A New Look. How to teach your dog to look to you (literally!) for direction. 06 May 2016
by Mardi Richmond

How to teach your dog to look to you (literally!) for direction.

Barking at Visitors 11 April 2016
by Janet Joers

We are the proud owners of a 7 year male Kerry, Murphy is a lovable hand-full. He is very territorial, people cannot enter our home unless he is locked in a room alone... Learn how to stop this behavior...

Caring for Your Old Dog 11 April 2016
by Anne Corke

None of us likes to think about our best friend getting old and infirm but those old dogs are so precious that it's not hard at all to give them the extra love and time that they need.

Dealing with Loose Dogs 11 April 2016
by Janet Joers

What to do when encountering loose dogs...

Demanding Times 15 March 2016
by Pat Miller

How to eliminate your dog's 'demand behaviors' (such as begging, whining, jumping up, or nose-nudging).

Escape Artists 11 April 2016
by Sarah Kirschling

Do you have a dog you can't seem to keep at home, who scales your fence or takes every opportunity to run off? If you have a canine escape artist, you have a problem you need to fix: there are risks to your dog, to other people, and to your pocketbook to consider. A dog running loose is likely to be injured or picked up by animal control, and you, as the owner, are liable for any damage your dog might do, to property or to people or other animals.

GIMME THAT! Training Your Dog to "Drop It" 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

Training Your Dog to "Drop It".

How to Break Up a Dog Fight 06 May 2016

Almost any dog can get into a fight depending on the circumstances. The conundrum for owners is what to do quickly, to stop the fight and minimize or avoid harm to the dogs and their owners. Breaking up a fight can have consequences as seen in these photos taken before and after surgery.

I See Dogfights 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

You can and you must learn to see dogfights because doing so can mean the difference between a romp at the dog park or a day in the veterinary ER. First, you have to be able to decode the body language of an aggressive dog. Here are a few signals dogs use to say, "Back off!"

Is Your Dog a Gate-Crasher? 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

The fact is that if you can train (inadvertently, of course) your dog to behave like a lunatic. near doors, you can retrain him not to. The key to this is patience, treats, and the ability to change your behavior.

Marking 06 May 2016
by Janet Joers

The biggest problem is his spraying in the house. If he sprays after being pottied, either he's marking his territory, or he quite simply doesn't know any better. I encountered a similar problem with a male Kerry (neutered, with no prior history of spraying) that I helped place in a home with other dogs. In his case, a combination of three things solved the problem.

Once Bitten. It’s not the end of the world if your dog bites – but you must take action. 01 April 2016
by Pat Miller

The majority of bites occur in the owner’s home. The majority of bite victims are friends or members of the owner’s family. All dogs can bite, and given differing circumstances, all dogs will. Although we humans regard any bite as aggression, for dogs, biting is a natural and normal means of canine communication and defense. It’s actually surprising that our dogs don’t bite us more often than they do

Pets Allowed. Finding housing for you and your pets in uncertain times. 15 September 2018
by Kari O'Brien

Finding housing for you and your pets in uncertain times.

Restoring the Kerry Spirit 06 May 2016
by Janine Allen

This article will help you to identify and treat the specific needs of your dog during his most stressful times. There is so much more to rehabilitation of the fearful or traumatized dog than can be written here but knowing a few key elements will greatly improve the success of your dog's recovery.

Ring a bell to go outside 06 May 2016
by September Morn

Teach puppy to ring bell to urinate outside.

Solving Problem Digging 06 May 2016
by Sarah Kirschling

Is your dog's digging driving you to distraction? Digging is a natural behavior for dogs, but it can make us crazy if we let it. The first step in resolving your dog's problem digging is to figure out why it's happening.

Teaching "Down" to a Dominant Kerry 06 May 2016

Tips for teaching "down" (or "lay down") to a Kerry who's dominant, resistant to treats, and too strong to push into down from "sit".

The Body Language of Dogs 06 May 2016
by Alon Geva

How to read a dog's body language.

The Many Faces of Fear 06 May 2016
by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. Illustrations by Carey Sookocheff

Trainers and behaviorists see clients almost daily who say, "I'm sure she was terribly abused before I got her, because she cowers/growls/snaps/hides at every man/stranger/dog she sees." Most often these dogs are either genetically fearful, undersocialized, or, most commonly, a bit of both. Shy dogs are often more afraid of men than of women, so a dog doesn't have to have been abused by a man to be fearful of all men.

However, sometimes dogs do get hurt and scared during their lifetimes, and these traumatic events can resonate through their lives just as they can through ours.

The Monster on the Leash. On-leash aggression is a serious, but manageable, problem. 06 May 2016
by C. C. Holland

On-leash aggression is a serious, but manageable, problem. Here's some expert help.

The Nuisance Barker 06 May 2016
by Janet Joers

Keep in mind that this list does not include any of the things the dog's owner has already tried, such as the can with the pennies, squirt bottle, correction collar correction, diversion from distractions, crating, and the electric no-bark collar. We are dealing with a very difficult dog that has remained impervious to all the standard solutions.

Tips on Keeping Your Off-Leash Dog Safe 06 May 2016
by Kathy Santo

Dogs are animals driven by instincts, the depths of which we will never fully understand. Trained or not, they can, in the blink of an eye, honor their inner canine and be gone from you forever. Even though my dogs have achieved the highest levels of obedience titles, I won't take the risk that comes with an off-leash dog. Since I own high-energy dogs, here's what I do to fill their need for hard exercise without the risk:

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